US lawmaker condemned fo, Cypriot Bailout Linked to Gas Potential and other World news

The world news of 2013-03-30 on Tamugaia - US lawmaker condemned for using slur, and Cypriot Bailout Linked to Gas Potential.
US lawmaker condemned for using slur - US lawmakers have denounced Republican Congressman from Alaska Don Young for describing Hispanic immigrants as "wetbacks", a derogatory term.... [ View ]

Cypriot Bailout Linked to Gas Potential - Temporarily relieved by an E.U. bailout, Cyprus must scramble to develop its gas industry if it wants to stay out of bankruptcy in the future.... [ View ]

83 buried in Tibet landslide - reports - A huge landslide has come crashing down a mountainside in Tibet, burying 83 workers in a gold mining area, Chinese state-run media says.... [ View ]

US lawmaker sorry for racial slur - One of the most senior Republicans in the US House of Representatives has apologised for using the racial slur "wetbacks" in referring to Hispanic migrant workers.... [ View ]

In Pictures: The 2012 Military Photographer of the Year photo competition - First awarded in 1960, Military Photographer of the Year honors recognizes excellence among military cameramen.... [ View ]

N.C. takes down confederate flag from old Capitol - ... [ View ]

Maine Zumba instructor pleads guilty in prostitution case - ... [ View ]

Cops: Zumba instructor ran sex club - ... [ View ]

Ice Floe Rescue: 220 Saved In Latvia - Beachgoers and fishermen are among crowds of people carried out to sea after the ice they are on breaks away from the shore.... [ View ]

China: Tibet Gold Miners Buried Under Rock - A rescue operation is underway to try and save some of the 83 workers buried when a landslide engulfed their camp.... [ View ]

Tanzania Building Collapse Buries Dozens - Survivors call for help on their mobiles after at least 45 people, including children, are buried and at least two are killed.... [ View ]

Bombings kill 23, wound dozens in Iraq - 4:22 PM... [ View ]

Tibet copper mine landslide kills 83 - 4:07 PM... [ View ]

Zumba teacher guilty plea to prostitution - 4:02 PM... [ View ]

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