US data point to surge i, Spice price rise hard to swallow in India and other Economy news

The economy news of 2010-12-31 on Tamugaia - US data point to surge in recovery, and Spice price rise hard to swallow in India.
US data point to surge in recovery - Hopes of an acceleration in the US economic recovery in 2011 received a boost as fresh data on the health of the manufacturing sector and the labour market were strikingly better than forecasters had predi... [ View ]

Spice price rise hard to swallow in India - Prices of India’s spices have hit record highs because of a combination of extreme weather conditions and booming demand with their cost soaring up to 50 per cent this year... [ View ]

China increases state company pay-outs - Most of largest state-owned enterprises to be required to pay larger dividends to the state next year to help rebalance the economy and funnel more money into underfunded public services... [ View ]

Venezuela economy has shrunk in 2010 - Leaked central bank report shows 1.9 per cent contraction in 2010 after Chávez government talks of pulling out of recession... [ View ]

Reliance Industries plans US expansion - Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest man, and the head of the Reliance Industries business empire is planning to expand his energy operations in the US... [ View ]

24.12.2010 - ... [ View ]

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