US Warns Israel Over Set, Jackson Trial: Case For And Against Dr Murray and other World news

The world news of 2011-09-29 on Tamugaia - US Warns Israel Over Settlement Expansion, and Jackson Trial: Case For And Against Dr Murray.
US Warns Israel Over Settlement Expansion - The United States has warned that Israel risks damaging the prospects of peace with the Palestinians by approving the expansion of a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank.... [ View ]

Jackson Trial: Case For And Against Dr Murray - More than two years after Michael Jackson died, the trial of the man accused of causing his death is under way - but what is the evidence against Dr Conrad Murray?... [ View ]

Mexico: Human heads dumped outside primary school - Five decomposing human heads have been dumped outside a primary school in the Mexican city of Acapulco in the latest example of grisly drug-related violence.... [ View ]

George Wright: Fugitive hijacker who lived a lie on the run for 41 years - He lived the sweet life for decades. But nobody knew he was on the run.... [ View ]

CHRIS CHRISTIE WINS DONUT EATING CONTEST! - HOBOKEN, NJ - Chris Christie returned to NJ from The Reagan Library and took part in the annual Hoboken Donut Eating Contest... and he won!... [ View ]

A MILLION MONKEYS WRITE SHAKESPEARE - A team of monkeys finally written the complete works of Shakespeare!... [ View ]

CAT WITH TWO FACES - WORCESTER, MA – A cat was born with two faces!... [ View ]

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