U.S. Needs to Remain Clo, Time for a Second Opinion and other World news

The world news of 2020-04-01 on Tamugaia - U.S. Needs to Remain Closed Until June, and Time for a Second Opinion.
U.S. Needs to Remain Closed Until June - Get tough now. Test widely to isolate those infected, and slowly revive businesses with workers and customers who have developed immunity.... [ View ]

Time for a Second Opinion - We are trying to stave off and arrest a pandemic. Given what is being recommended, we think we need some second or third opinions. This pandemic, now that it has reached America, has taken 3,173 lives her... [ View ]

Overreaction Is Hurting Americans Worse Than Covid-19 - "Engage in allowable recreational activities..." Such beneficence unto us, the lowly people of Washington, D.C. So offers our dear leader, once simply known as the Mayor of Washington, D.C.... [ View ]

Breaking From China Is Exactly the Wrong Answer - After scuttling its partnership with Beijing on public health, the U.S. was unprepared for the pandemic.... [ View ]

Nationalist Lessons From the Coronavirus - President Donald Trump has courted endless controversies for promoting nonconventional policies and entertaining contrarian views. From the outset, he oddly seemed to have believed that having navigated t... [ View ]

Migrant workers sprayed with disinfectant in Indian state - ... [ View ]

Portugal gives migrants full citizenship rights during coronavirus outbreak - ... [ View ]



Syria: Air defenses down missiles from Israeli warplanes - State media reports that Syrian air defenses have opened fire on missiles launched from Israeli warplanes on the central province of Homs, shooting down some of them... [ View ]

Taliban team arrives in Kabul to monitor prisoner release - A Taliban spokesman says a three-member technical team has arrived in the Afghan capital... [ View ]

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