U.S. Approves First Nucl, Human Rights Commission in Burma Rules Out Inquiry and other World news

The world news of 2012-02-19 on Tamugaia - U.S. Approves First Nuclear Reactor since the Three Mile Island Accident in 1979, and Human Rights Commission in Burma Rules Out Inquiry.
U.S. Approves First Nuclear Reactor since the Three Mile Island Accident in 1979 - Thursday the Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved the first nuclear power plant in the US since the Three Mile Island accident in Pennsylvania back in 1979.... [ View ]

Human Rights Commission in Burma Rules Out Inquiry - Human rights abuses have plagued Burma over the past five decades of military rule, but the NHRC says that investigating allegations would be premature.... [ View ]

Climate Change: Why Oil Companies Don't Want Us Talking about It - There is a reason that climate change is talked about less and less, and it revolves around astronomical profits derived from fossil fuels.... [ View ]

Avalanche kills 2 in Norway - An avalanche has killed two men skiing off-trail in northern Norway.... [ View ]

Elizabeth Smart marries - Rescued kidnapping victim Elizabeth Smart has married Matthew Gilmour in Hawaii.... [ View ]

Man survives for months in car - A Swedish man has been dug out alive after being snowed-in in his car on a forest track for two months with no food.... [ View ]

Watch: Whitney Houston Funeral Held in Hometown Church - ... [ View ]

Whitney Houston Funeral: Family, Friends Remember Her Life - ... [ View ]

Watch: Dangerous Flooding and Tornadoes in the South - ... [ View ]

Left goes from retreat to retweet - Philadelphia, the city of the founding fathers -- has lit a very different touchpaper: its Occupy movement is the first in the country to announce it is running for Congress. Whether or not 29-year-old Nat... [ View ]

Porsche Boxster serves up four models for 2012 - The base powerplant for the Boxster is a 2.9-liter flat-opposed six-cylinder that delivers 255 horsepower, while the Boxster S is powered by a 3.4-liter flat-opposed six-cylinder that cranks out 310 horsep... [ View ]

Torture, homicide charges facing 5 Fairfield suspects - Two of the defendants appeared for arraignment in Solano County Superior Court on Thursday but only one, Khalil Askari-Roberts, 30, entered a plea...Today, prosecutors are expected to announce the filing o... [ View ]

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