UPDATE 1-EU plan to shar, China c.bank urges lenders to vet yuan trade settlements and other Economy news

The economy news of 2010-12-03 on Tamugaia - UPDATE 1-EU plan to share default burden right step-IIF, and China c.bank urges lenders to vet yuan trade settlements.
UPDATE 1-EU plan to share default burden right step-IIF - ... [ View ]

China c.bank urges lenders to vet yuan trade settlements - ... [ View ]

Samsung Elec shares hit historical high - ... [ View ]

UPDATE 3-US House takes symbolic vote on taxes, talks go on - ... [ View ]

ECB steps up push to calm markets - Traders said the ECB was buying Portuguese and Irish bonds in €100m tranches – four times bigger than previously. The moves lowered the cost of borrowing for Lisbon and Dublin... [ View ]

Cancún feud hits climate deal talks - A disagreement between developing nations and richer signatories to the Kyoto protocol threatens to kill any chance of measurable progress at the talks... [ View ]

US and European equities continue best run in months - US and European stocks continued their run-up, making it their best two-day gain in three months, after more positive US economic news added wind to the ongoing relief rally in peripheral Europe... [ View ]

Crisis-hit banks flooded Fed with junk - Banks flooded the Federal Reserve with billions of dollars in “junk bonds” and other low-grade collateral in exchange for much-needed liquidity during the crisis, as the financial sector struggled unde... [ View ]

Russia, Qatar to host World Cups - Fifa awards 2018 World Cup to Russia and 2022 tournament to Qatar after a campaign of almost two years marked by intrigue and accusations between bidding nations and questions about the integrity of footba... [ View ]

GBP/USD - At Bullish Trendline Support - Price action on GBP/USD (a daily chart of which is shown) as of Thursday (12/02/2010) has dropped down to touch yet another uptrend support line, this one extending all the way back to the May low. This oc... [ View ]

USD/CHF - Touch of Resistance in Bullish Trend - Price action on USD/CHF (a daily chart of which is shown) as of Wednesday (12/01/2010) has bumped up against key resistance in the 1.0060 price region. At the same time, price has also reached the upper... [ View ]

Live Education Webinar Rebroadcast Dec 2 2010 - ... [ View ]

Pimco Gross says advising clients to move money off shore - The US dollar is not necessarily a safe haven currency anymore.  Suggest China, Brazil and even Qatar - the winner of World Cup 2022 (see the proposed stadiums HERE... [ View ]

Trichet comments… - ... [ View ]

Bullard continued….Audience questions - ... [ View ]

Feds Bullard justifies the Fed’s actions - ... [ View ]

Mutual Funds Weekly: Fund investors face year-end fears - ... [ View ]

House votes to censure Rep. Rangel - ... [ View ]

Stocks to Watch: Stock in focus Friday: Big Lots, Verifone - ... [ View ]

Corrections: Mexican stocks reach new high - ... [ View ]

Can my boss dock wages for a snow day? - Can my boss dock my wages for not being able to get into work due to the recent snowy and hazardous conditions?... [ View ]

Should I put £10k in a fixed rate bond? - I want to put away a lump sum of £10,000 for up to five years - is it wise to put the sum in a fixed rate bond?... [ View ]

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