UPDATE 1-China bank lend, UPDATE 2-China Aug lending strong, no policy relaxation seen and other Economy news

The economy news of 2011-09-11 on Tamugaia - UPDATE 1-China bank lending quickens in August, and UPDATE 2-China Aug lending strong, no policy relaxation seen .
UPDATE 1-China bank lending quickens in August - ... [ View ]

UPDATE 2-China Aug lending strong, no policy relaxation seen - ... [ View ]

Marseille lays bare G7 differences, lack of policy room - ... [ View ]

Greece must fulfil conditions to get aid-Merkel - ... [ View ]

GLOBAL MARKETS-Europe debt crisis fears hammer euro, stocks - ... [ View ]

Tax-News.com: Obama Presents Tax Cuts Package - ... [ View ]

Tax-News.com: French Lawmakers Approve Austerity Package - ... [ View ]

Tax-News.com: Swiss Government Welcomes Action On Franc - ... [ View ]

China calls for more Boeing aircraft - The Boeing Company has had orders to supply China with a large part of its aircraft needs over the next 20 years.... [ View ]

Congress passes new patent legislation - The US Congress has passed legislation to reform the patent system.... [ View ]

Allstate has success with teen safety campaign - Allstate's efforts to save the lives of US teen drivers reached a new milestone with the registration of its 100,000th Facebook fan.... [ View ]

Tata Motors chief no longer with company - Tata Motors chief Carl-Peter Forster has resigned.... [ View ]

Nine-runway airport plan for Beijing causes anguish - A large expansion of China's airline industry has caused environmental groups to warn of an increase in the country's pollution.... [ View ]

Greece vows to avoid default at all cost - George Papandreou vows to implement reforms demanded by international lenders so that Greece can avoid default and remain a member of the eurozone... [ View ]

Lagarde softens stance on EU banks - Christine Lagarde backs down on the amount of capital needed by European banks as G7 struggles to find a fix for the global economy at its Marseilles summit... [ View ]

China’s trade surplus dips as imports rise - China’s trade surplus fell sharply in August as the world’s second-largest economy is felt the pinch from weaker global growth while domestic demand remained resilient.... [ View ]

ECB resignation hits global markets - Jürgen Stark’s departure from the board highlights divisions over the bank’s handling of the eurozone crisis... [ View ]

Franco-German ‘Tobin tax’ scheme refined - Despite UK opposition, Paris and Berlin are pushing for a European financial transaction levy to cover equities, bonds, currency deals and derivatives... [ View ]

Proud to be a bridge-and-tunnel guy - ... [ View ]

Canadian rating agency gives US triple A - The Canadian credit rating agency used by the US Federal Reserve and European Central Bank has issued the US a triple A rating with a stable outlook... [ View ]

The dangers of American retreat - ... [ View ]

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