UFOs: Warnings to Those , Mysterious ‘Particle X17’ May Be The Fifth Force of Nature and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2019-12-13 on Tamugaia - UFOs: Warnings to Those Who Investigate, and Mysterious ‘Particle X17’ May Be The Fifth Force of Nature.
UFOs: Warnings to Those Who Investigate - One of the UFO-related issues that isn’t touched on as much as it could be is that of what I call “UFO warnings.” I’m talking specifically about those in the UFO field who have made... [ View ]

Mysterious ‘Particle X17’ May Be The Fifth Force of Nature - Every high school physics student knows that the universe is governed by four forces of nature – gravity, the weak force, electromagnetism and the strong force – and anything found to be different woul... [ View ]

The Mystery of the Shag Harbour Incident - The landscape of UFOlogy is littered with an array of stories of the strange and outlandish. This area is by nature a wellspring of high strangeness, the bizarre, and reports that often seem to defy all at... [ View ]

“Expedition Bigfoot” Researchers Capture Possible Bigfoot On Video - Expedition Bigfoot is a new Travel Channel series that follows a group of Sasquatch experts during their three-week journey exploring the Oregon wilderness in hopes of finding solid proof of the elusive c... [ View ]

Reports of Stone-Throwing Poltergeists Made by a Large Family in Bhutan - Poltergeist: a noisy usually mischievous ghost held to be responsible for unexplained noises (such as rappings) The word “poltergeist” comes from the German words poltern (“to make sound”)... [ View ]

Sleep Paralysis - ... [ View ]

Someone Is Having Fun - Jubeele and I have had many instances of items going missing, only to reappear in places that totally defy our collective logic. What makes an impact, is those occurrences where you look several times in t... [ View ]

Dead Or A (stra) Live! - ... [ View ]

Haunted Tunnels - ... [ View ]

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