UFO filmed over Kazakhst, Brain-eating amoeba claims second victim and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2011-08-19 on Tamugaia - UFO filmed over Kazakhstan, and Brain-eating amoeba claims second victim.
UFO filmed over Kazakhstan - Sightings by numerous witnesses of a strange disc shaped object have taken Kazakhstan by storm. In one segment a reporter is seen talking about the si...... [ View ]

Brain-eating amoeba claims second victim - A deadly parasite has been generating great concern as it claims a second victim this month. The brain-eating amoeba can be picked up from stagnant wa...... [ View ]

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: TV Show On Chris Bledsoe Evokes Memory of UFO Sighting in Washington State - ... [ View ]

UFOs and the ALIEN Presence Hosted by Michael Lindemann – Full Feature - ... [ View ]


UFO – Okracoke, North Carolina - ... [ View ]

UFO Fleet in HD. - ... [ View ]

UFO over motorway in broad daylight - INCREDIBLE footage of ‘flying saucer’ over Essex appears on Youtube ufo – Yahoo! Search Results... [ View ]

UFO crash site artifacts to be displayed at Midwest UFO Conference – Kansas City Star - UFO crash site artifacts to be displayed at Midwest UFO ConferenceKansas City StarNational speakers will present new testing results on UFO site artifacts and national speakers will lecture on the UFO phen... [ View ]

COLUMN: WikiLeaks accuses spinoff of stealing idea – Oklahoma Daily - COLUMN: WikiLeaks accuses spinoff of stealing ideaOklahoma DailyOnline whistle-blower WikiLeaks on Sunday accused spinoff project OpenLeaks of stealing its concepts — an ironic claim to make for an organ... [ View ]

‘Solid black triangle’ moves silently over Iowa home - A longtime Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) member knows all too well that seconds count with UFO sightings when his wife ran into the house screaming just after 2 a.m., August 18, 2011, after watching a "so... [ View ]

READER REPORT: The call from Uncle Terrance - ... [ View ]

The Dropa Stones - ... [ View ]

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