UFO Program in United Ki, UFO Sighting of the Week - 4 UFOs over Colorado and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2011-09-07 on Tamugaia - UFO Program in United Kingdom, and UFO Sighting of the Week - 4 UFOs over Colorado.
UFO Program in United Kingdom - ... [ View ]

UFO Sighting of the Week - 4 UFOs over Colorado - ... [ View ]

UFO Hovers over Air Force Base - Here is an excellent report of a UFO that hovered over F E Warren AFB in 1976. The object was seen by multiple witnesses, and the incident was entered into ...... [ View ]

Rare UFO Report from Cuba - It is not often that we hear anything about UFOs or aliens from the country of Cuba. Here is an exception. Recently, information has been delivered to the free world ...... [ View ]

UFO Sighting of the Week - North Carolina Video - A video was submitted to YouTube from a North Carolina family who had just finished having dinner at at local restaurant. Walking outside, they saw that the moon was very ...... [ View ]

Greatest Astronomy Discoveries - 1. The Planets Move (2000 BC — 500 BC) A thousand years of observations reveal that there are stars that move in the sky andContinue Reading »... [ View ]

Massachusetts farm, possibly around Brockton, Mass. (LOC) - Check out these ufo images: Massachusetts farm, possibly around Brockton, Mass. (LOC) Image by The Library of Congress Delano, Jack,, photographer. Massachusetts farm, possibly aroundContinue Reading ... [ View ]

Happening Tuesday – Los Angeles Times - Happening TuesdayLos Angeles TimesExpect highlights from his award-nominated Magic Castle act, song and dance, conversations with outmoded satellites, audience interaction, parapsychology, and more. The St... [ View ]

Reincarnation 2 - A 33 year old medical doctor, happily married, devoted christian & the only son of Mr Paul is shocked at the sudden knowledge of AGAFUContinue Reading »... [ View ]

Sitges Film Festival 2011 is coming - The Sitges Film Festival has quietly become one the top horror and fantastic movie festivals in the world. Taking place in autumn (6 to... [ View ]

Near-death experience meeting with "beings" - ... [ View ]

Giant crocodile captured in Philippines - The largest crocodile to be caught alive in years is to become part of a new ecotourism park. The gargantuan reptile measures 21ft long and weighs a w...... [ View ]

Pig with "human face" born after UFO sighting - Santa Cruz El Chol has been the scene of a mysterious birth following sightings of strange lights. Residents of the Central American village are convi...... [ View ]

Australia to remove "BC" from dates - In a move towards political correctness Australia is removing biblical references from dates. The new date system will replace BC ( Before Christ ) wi...... [ View ]

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