UFO Footage from Souther, UFO Reports from Delaware and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2012-10-01 on Tamugaia - UFO Footage from Southern Minas, Brazil, and UFO Reports from Delaware.
UFO Footage from Southern Minas, Brazil - ... [ View ]

UFO Reports from Delaware - Today, we are taking a look at UFO sightings from the small state of Delaware. A lot of their sightings are associated with craft over the Atlantic Ocean. Two of ...... [ View ]

Report Becoming More and More Common - What is Being Seen? - ... [ View ]

How do you like to eat your eggs ? - A new study claims to be able to determine your personality based on the way that you eat your eggs. Based on answers provided by over 1,000 people, s...... [ View ]

Curiosity finds evidence of old streambed - The Mars Curiosity rover has come across evidence of ancient flowing streams in several locations. New photographs returned from the rover show expose...... [ View ]

Crime reducing cardboard policeman is stolen - A cardboard policemen designed to stop people stealing from a supermarket has itself been stolen. The life size cardboard cut-outs made headlines rece...... [ View ]

Enter the 2012 Halloween Costume Contest - ... [ View ]

Was this man immortal? Is he still alive? - ... [ View ]

Friday Poll: Are there secret bases on the Moon? - ... [ View ]

Unsolved Mysteries - ... [ View ]

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