UFO Disclosure 2010 R, Aug 9, Old State Road Ghost and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2011-08-14 on Tamugaia - UFO Disclosure 2010 – it has started, and Aug 9, Old State Road Ghost.
UFO Disclosure 2010 – it has started - ... [ View ]

Aug 9, Old State Road Ghost - Old State Rd is a road close to where we live that is supposed to be haunted, upon learning this we decided to investigate all the myths. Like if you park... [ View ]

Exopolitics and Secret Societies – Jim Marrs LIVE - ... [ View ]

AN UNUSUAL CONFERENCE IN DULCE, NEW MEXICO - RIO RANCHO, NEW MEXICO – Norio Hayakawa is a resident of Rio Rancho who believes that wild rumors may not always bring a bad name to a community or hurt it. Sometimes they bring curiosity seekers, an... [ View ]

Jodie Foster Wishes SETI Search for Aliens to Continue - ... [ View ]

Reptilian Quest - ... [ View ]

Rennes Chateau: Sauniere and the Pure of Heart - ... [ View ]

Evidence of imminent Invasion by Alien ET UFOs - ... [ View ]

New forum. - We have just added a new forum called, “UPM Talk”.  Here you can post your feedback to talk about articles in specific issues of Unexplained Paranormal Magazine. Since this is new, we have sta... [ View ]

UFO sightings revealed in files - The latest batch of secret Ministry of Defence files detailing UFO sightings around Wales are made public for the first time. ufo – Yahoo! Search Results... [ View ]

Exclusive Casting News, Synopsis & First Look Poster for UFO Starring Jean Claude Van Damme - UFO updates... [ View ]

UFO festival set for Sept. 17-18 – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - UFO festival set for Sept. 17-18Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewBy Tribune-Review The sixth annual Kecksburg Old Fashion Days & UFO Festival will be held Sept. 17-18 at the fire station in Kecksburg. The even... [ View ]

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