Twitter is partnering wi, Hot Toy’s new Punisher sixth-scale figure has had a hell of a bad day and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2017-03-04 on Tamugaia - Twitter is partnering with ESL and Dreamhack, and Hot Toy’s new Punisher sixth-scale figure has had a hell of a bad day.
Twitter is partnering with ESL and Dreamhack - ... [ View ]

Hot Toy’s new Punisher sixth-scale figure has had a hell of a bad day - ... [ View ]

The EvoPoints Downloads of the Week – 3 March, 2017 - ... [ View ]

The next two Avengers films may cost Disney $1 Billion - ... [ View ]

The Dear Boss Expansion for Letters from Whitechapel is Available Now - Jack the Ripper, arguably history’s most notorious serial killers is still on the loose. Police are baffled. Citizens are terrified. Something has to be done about it. Dear Boss expands on the Letter... [ View ]

Tiki Board Game Up On Kickstarter - It’s gotten cold here in Atlanta the last couple days. Of course, that’s like “getting down to 30 at night” sort of cold. Nothing like I used to experience up in Chicago. But itR... [ View ]

Battlefront Features Battle of El Alamein set For Flames of War 4th Edition - While most people might think of events like D-Day or the island-hopping of the Pacific theater, the battles that took place all across North Africa are no less an important part of the WWII narrative. It&... [ View ]

Era: Hitman RPG Up On Kickstarter - There’ve been some high-profile assassinations around the world lately. I certainly don’t condone such things, but it’s easy to see how people can be fascinated by when such a thing happe... [ View ]

Collision Handling - ... [ View ]

Who owns the rights for an old card game? - ... [ View ]

Best 2D game development library for C? - ... [ View ]

HLSL resource object for a texture3D - ... [ View ]

Looking for feedback on ambient orchestral track - ... [ View ]

Mystery of the Ancients: The Sealed and Forgotten Collector's Edition - Solve a locked room murder!... [ View ]

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