Twitter Can't Tame , Swiss Alps Avalanche Kills Three Skiers and other World news

The world news of 2015-02-22 on Tamugaia - Twitter Can't Tame the Islamic State, and Swiss Alps Avalanche Kills Three Skiers.
Twitter Can't Tame the Islamic State - George Will, Washington PostThe Obama administration’s semantic somersaults to avoid attaching the adjective “Islamic” to the noun “extremism” are as indicative as they are e... [ View ]

Swiss Alps Avalanche Kills Three Skiers - The victims were on a skiing tour and were on the Grand Saint-Bernard pass in the Swiss Alps when the avalanche hit.... [ View ]

Gum Is on Dems' Shoe If Court Upends Health Law - Joel Zinberg, RCPMuch ink has been spilled over what Republicans must do if the Supreme Court decides, in the upcoming case of King v. Burwell, that the Affordable Care Act does not authorize the governme... [ View ]

Global Divestment Day: Shifting Investments to Clean Energy - The divestment movement aims to combat climate change by stripping investments from fossil fuels and redirecting them toward renewable energy.... [ View ]

Global Stocks Overpriced on Warped International Politics, Might Soon Crash - The recent rallies in the US and European markets, driven by political news from Greece and Ukraine, might turn into dramatic losses as early as Monday, as effects of the treaties fade away.... [ View ]

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