Tuesday briefing: Kushne, UK backing away from threat to leave with no deal, say EU diplomats and other World news

The world news of 2017-03-28 on Tamugaia - Tuesday briefing: Kushner link puts Russians one step closer to Trump, and UK backing away from threat to leave with no deal, say EU diplomats.
Tuesday briefing: Kushner link puts Russians one step closer to Trump - ... [ View ]

UK backing away from threat to leave with no deal, say EU diplomats - ... [ View ]

NHS draws up list of items to be banned from prescriptions - ... [ View ]

Mosul residents were told not to flee city before airstrikes that killed civilians - ... [ View ]

Why Russian Protesters Are Taunting Prime Minister With Bath Toys - Police detained more than 1,000 people in Moscow on Sunday during an unexpected surge of street protests that spanned 82 Russian cities.... [ View ]

Soccer Match Ends Early as Fans Run on Field, Attack Players - Pitch invaders disrupted the Ivory Coast-Senegal match by getting past security guards and began chasing after players from both sides.... [ View ]

Mexican Families Reunite at U.S.-Mexico Border Park - Friendship Park, located between the San Diego and Tijuana border is a place where Mexican families divided by their immigration status can reunite.... [ View ]

Giuliani to Help Defend Accused Iran Money Launderer - Reza Zarrab is accused of laundering hundreds of millions dollars for the Iranian government and Iranian firms to evade sanctions.... [ View ]

Why Paul Ryan Needs the Freedom Caucus - Benjamin Domenech, The National InterestFor more than seven years, the Republican Party has made its hay running against the spectre of Obamacare. Ever since Scott Brown won the late Sen. Ted Kennedy&rsqu... [ View ]

The Proof of Obamacare's Historic Accomplishment - Jonathan Cohn, Huffington PostThe Affordable Care Act overcame the tea party protests of 2009 and the Democrats losing their filibuster-proo f Senate majority in 2010. It survived two challenges in front... [ View ]

An Army of Straw Men Keeps Campus Intolerance Alive - David French, Natl. ReviewProgressives drive religious conservatives off campus -- all in the name of fighting extremism.... [ View ]

The Best Option for Democrats on Gorsuch - Cass Sunstein, BloombergThe Senate minority should resist the pressure for political payback.... [ View ]

Earth Hour Is Bad for the Poor - Bjorn Lomborg, USA TodayAt 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, in the U.S. and around the world, around one billion people are expected to switch off their lights for one hour as a political statement against climate... [ View ]

What Gave Some Primates Bigger Brains? A Fruit-Filled Diet - A new study suggests that diet had a big influence in driving the evolution of brain size in primates. Monkeys who thrive on fruit have bigger brains than their plant eating neighbors.... [ View ]

Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny Arrested After Protests - Large anti-corruption protests swept across Russia Sunday. Many of them were organized by opposition leader Alexei Navalny who has now been arrested. These protests were the biggest since 2012 when tens of... [ View ]

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