Trump Has Succeeded Desp, Two Years Under Trump's Ignominious Reign and other World news

The world news of 2019-01-21 on Tamugaia - Trump Has Succeeded Despite Unprecedented Attacks, and Two Years Under Trump's Ignominious Reign.
Trump Has Succeeded Despite Unprecedented Attacks - Michael Glassner, FOX NewsThe moment Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president, the media painted a target on his back.... [ View ]

Two Years Under Trump's Ignominious Reign - David Faris, The WeekTwo years of President Trump have been bad. The next few decades will be worse.... [ View ]

Beware the Furies, President Trump - Maureen Dowd, New York Times... [ View ]

Forget Border, Trump's Shutdown Has Made Us Less Safe - Michael Fuchs, Guardian... [ View ]

Pray With The Pope, From Your iPhone - The pope brought a tablet to his usual Sunday address, as he announced the ClickToPray app for communal prayer around the world, with a call for young Catholics to engage.... [ View ]

In Mexico, Dozens Killed In Gasoline Pipeline Explosion - A gasoline pipeline in the Mexican state of Hidalgo exploded Friday evening, killing more than 60 people and leaving many more injured. The pipeline had been illegally tapped by gasoline thieves.... [ View ]

Prince Philip drives without seatbelt 48 hours after crash - ... [ View ]

Revealed: Spice Girls T-shirts made in factory paying staff 35p an hour - ... [ View ]

Council pays rogue landlord £500,000 in housing benefit - ... [ View ]

MPs to ambush May with amendments to stop no-deal Brexit - ... [ View ]

Trump may have spoken to Cohen before false testimony to Congress – Giuliani - ... [ View ]

Derry bomb attack: Northern Ireland police arrest two men - ... [ View ]

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