Trump Does His Divisive , Dems Boosting Trump's Re-election Prospects and other World news

The world news of 2019-02-10 on Tamugaia - Trump Does His Divisive El Paso Number, and Dems Boosting Trump's Re-election Prospects.
Trump Does His Divisive El Paso Number - Roger Cohen, New York TimesThe immigration system is broken but the president has no interest in fixing it.... [ View ]

Dems Boosting Trump's Re-election Prospects - Josh Kraushaar, National JournalTheir top 2020 presidential hopefuls are embracing socialist-minded economic policy, from a Green New Deal to single-payer health insurance. It’s playing right into t... [ View ]

Trump's Three Tests - Matthew Continetti, Washington Free BeaconHow the president can stage a comeback... [ View ]

The Battle Is On Between Trump & His Democratic Foes - Stephen Collinson, CNNA clarifying week in Washington showed how ugly the war of oversight between President Donald Trump and House Democrats will become and dug new battle lines in the most intense excha... [ View ]

Laughable Green New Deal a New Low for Dems - Joseph Curl, Washington TimesRight from the outset, the six-page document laying out the “Green New Deal” seemed like a joke, something a few devious wags in the Republican Party whipped up to... [ View ]

Schools staff crisis looms as austerity hits teachers’ pay - ... [ View ]

Government cancels Brexit ferry contract with no-ship firm - ... [ View ]

UK weather: three dead as gale-force winds batter country - ... [ View ]

Senator Elizabeth Warren officially launches 2020 presidential campaign - ... [ View ]

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