Tracks of earliest mobil, USS Hornet wreck located on the sea floor and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2019-02-15 on Tamugaia - Tracks of earliest mobile organism discovered, and USS Hornet wreck located on the sea floor.
Tracks of earliest mobile organism discovered - Scientists have identified the fossilized tracks of a worm-like organism that lived 2.1 billion years ago. The first single-celled organisms that live...... [ View ]

USS Hornet wreck located on the sea floor - The final resting place of the World War II-era aircraft carrier has been discovered off the Solomon Islands. Commissioned in 1941, the USS Hornet of ...... [ View ]

Politicians in Thailand are Switching From Consultants to Clairvoyants - It’s a given that politicians will do just about anything to win elections and stay in office. That includes accepting the help of witches, as a recent story about a powerful group of Russian witches cas... [ View ]

UFOs: Looking Beyond the Extraterrestrial Theory - Over the course of the last 70 years or so, the world of Ufology has spawned a truly huge number of books. Many are very good indeed, a not-insignificant number are very bad, and some hover somewhere in be... [ View ]

Richmond’s “Mystery Lights”: Early Reports of Aerial Oddities Over America - “It seems impossible, but there it is.” These were the words of Kenneth Arnold, according to one of the many quotes attributed to him during national coverage of his famous observation of nine... [ View ]

New Evidence of Pentagon’s Longtime UFO Research Discovered - In late 2017, the UFOlogy and conspiracy circles were somewhat vindicated by the not-so-surprising revelation that the Pentagon operated a secret research program to investigate anomalous aerial phenomenon... [ View ]

Russian Satellite Spots Mysterious Explosions in Earth’s Atmosphere - It’s unusual when the U.S. government reveals information about unusual occurrences or events in space … especially without the intervention of a rock star. It’s even more unusual for the Russian gov... [ View ]

Scrub Shoes - ... [ View ]

Winking Twinkling Charlie - I recently read a story on YGS about an experience while very young. In my opinion, many if not all speak and baby talk about seeing someone or something. Unfortunately the young children are easily dismis... [ View ]

His Favorite - ... [ View ]

The Man Is Back - ... [ View ]

Grim Reaper Or Shadow Person? - When I was little, about seven years old, I would always see this sort of figure. It was almost like a shadow but it was pitch black. It had a pointed hood, just like the grim reaper. Now I know that some... [ View ]

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