Top reads, LOOK: How not to panic about possibly meeting Pope Francis and other Internet news

The internet news of 2015-09-25 on Tamugaia - Top reads, and LOOK: How not to panic about possibly meeting Pope Francis.
Top reads - By Miguel Iñigo Lazaro Fermin Books played an important part of my life. I was almost three years old before I ever spoke my first word. The delay in speech worried my parents a lot. Mom bought Baby Eins... [ View ]

LOOK: How not to panic about possibly meeting Pope Francis - NEW YORK (AP) — The pope has arrived. What do we do? Hugs? Selfies? Curtsies? How formal should we be with a man who telephones average people out of the blue and accepts pizza deliveries in the popemobi... [ View ]

Stoning of Satan hajj ritual in Mina fraught with ever-present dangers - Of the major rituals of the hajj to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the Stoning of Satan has always been fraught with mortal danger. Obviously, the first reason could be the massive sea of religiously-intense pilgrim... [ View ]

Netherlands is top foreign investor in PH for Q2 – PSA -   The Netherlands was the top foreign investor in the Philippines for the second quarter of 2015 with a pledge P17 billion in investments. This was  followed by Singapore which committed P8.4 billion... [ View ]

Peso to remain under pressure -     The peso-US dollar exchange rate is expected to be volatile in the next weeks in reaction to global market speculations relating to any US Federal Reserve news. “The peso will continue to b... [ View ]

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