Top of the World Board G, WizKids Previews Fugitoid For HeroClix and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2016-03-22 on Tamugaia - Top of the World Board Game Extravaganza Coming in April, and WizKids Previews Fugitoid For HeroClix.
Top of the World Board Game Extravaganza Coming in April - All of us here love gaming (or, I assume we do. But considering the nature of the site, I think it’s a safe assumption). So what could be better than just gaming? Gaming for a good cause, of course!... [ View ]

WizKids Previews Fugitoid For HeroClix - It’s pretty amazing. We keep getting these previews for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set for HeroClix, but all I can think of, whenever I see a new figure, are the old toys I used to hav... [ View ]

New Pulp City Releases Now Available - There a couple new releases available for Pulp City in the Pulp Monsters webshop. One’s a high-flying cryptozoic creature (not actually from Cryptozoic, mind you). The other is a set of video game bi... [ View ]

Small Star Empires Up On Kickstarter - The race is on! Four alien races have all gained the ability to traverse the stars. Now, each one is trying to be the first to get colonies and trading posts going on all the best systems. Planets, nebulae... [ View ]

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