Top Ten UFO Believers!, Leaked Emails Suggest Ghostly Internet Army and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2011-02-21 on Tamugaia - Top Ten UFO Believers!, and Leaked Emails Suggest Ghostly Internet Army.
Top Ten UFO Believers! - ... [ View ]

Leaked Emails Suggest Ghostly Internet Army - ... [ View ]

Two Discs Over Ireland - ... [ View ]

Reader Report: Triangle UFO Photographed! - ... [ View ]

Three Unforgettable Ghost Hunting Tools - ... [ View ]

Unknown Visitor - ... [ View ]

Haunting - So I lived in the same house until I was twelve. The entire time I lived in the house it was haunted. The earliest sign I remember is when my older sister and I were upstairs in our room talking and someon... [ View ]

A Haunting Or Not? - I went to go and collect my little sister from nursery and they say that the building there is haunted, So anyways we went to go and collect her and as we were talking to the staff these two toys which wer... [ View ]

Into The Light - On a recent ghost hunt, with Simply Ghost Nights we were attempting spirit communication in a 16th century coaching inn. The inn was in the centre of a Yorkshire market town, in a large open square with tr... [ View ]

Differences between Divine Beings, Advanced Beings and Us... - ... [ View ]

Brain Ringing and Buzzes From Earth Changes - ... [ View ]

Earth An ET Science Project Since The Beginning - ... [ View ]

Alien ET - TJ Shares The Female Side Of Ascension Age 2012 - ... [ View ]

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