Top Ten Myths about Reve, MOD files and mysterious crop circles suggest we may not be alone – Dartford Times and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2011-03-12 on Tamugaia - Top Ten Myths about Reverse Speech (1 – 5), and MOD files and mysterious crop circles suggest we may not be alone – Dartford Times.
Top Ten Myths about Reverse Speech (1 – 5) - ... [ View ]

MOD files and mysterious crop circles suggest we may not be alone – Dartford Times - ... [ View ]

Real Ghost , Ghosts, Spirits, and Demons!! 100topsecret.blogspot.com - ... [ View ]

Rescue At Rajini Island - ... [ View ]

Art Bell Ufo Abductions and Human Mutilations pt 2 - abudctions, ufos, human mutilations, art bell, coast 2 coast am Video Rating: 5 / 5... [ View ]

Lindsey Williams ∞ Predicted NWO Controled Revolution in the Middle East - Investigate national id Haarp chemtrails fema coast 2 coast am gas oil price middle east 2012 conspiracy terror food crisis gold silver revolution inflation ron paul disaster riots protests jobs alex jones... [ View ]

ANOTHER JUPITER IMPACT - highercalling88.com Amateur astronomers Anthony Wesley and Christopher Go (independently) observed an impact event on Jupiter. The impact took place 20:31 UT on June 3, 2010 . Video Rating: 4 / 5 Part I 00... [ View ]

Coast To Coast – Zechariah Sitchin Part 1 - Sitchin Video Rating: 4 / 5 pt 1 www.youtube.com pt 2 www.youtube.com pt 3 www.youtube.com pt 4 www.youtube.com Discussions on Free Energy Suppression, Historic ET Contact, Secret Societies, Anti-Gravity T... [ View ]

01- Michael Cremo & Art Bell - This is Art Bell’s first interview with Michael Cremo, conducted in 1994. The show was called: Dreamland and it was conducted at a time when Art Bell was transitioning from a morning talk show host t... [ View ]

How To Test Your Psychic Ability With Zener Cards (About) - ... [ View ]

Phoenix Lights, and the Military Explanation (About) - ... [ View ]

Sunday March 13 2011 – Whitley Strieber - Guest host Whitley Strieber (email) is joined by researcher Richard Dolan, who’ll talk about current UFO happenings. Next, professor Mark Booth will discuss the history of the world interpreted in a... [ View ]

big triangular edges circle shaped deep dark blue kind of transparent object - I was backpacking in New zealand at that time and my journey ended up for a few months of picking in a **** hole called Blenheim. The location was in a share house in Blenheim’s near center. I was li... [ View ]

Secret files released – ‘UFO’ sightings above Hailsham - UFO sightings in the Hailsham area that were recorded ten years ago have been officially unveiled after top secret documents were released for the first time ever by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) via the N... [ View ]

Japanese Tsunami: 2011 – how many saw it ‘before’ it happened? - ... [ View ]

8.9 Quake Sets Earthquake Domino Effect In Motion - ... [ View ]

As Time Goes By: UFOs and Time Distortions - ... [ View ]

Strange structures Karrer Crater on the Moon - ... [ View ]

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