Thugs With Razors and Cl, Obama's Risky Idealism With Egypt and other World news

The world news of 2011-02-04 on Tamugaia - Thugs With Razors and Clubs, and Obama's Risky Idealism With Egypt.
Thugs With Razors and Clubs - Nicholas Kristof, New York TimesPro-government thugs at Tahrir Square used clubs, machetes, swords and straight razors on Wednesday to try to crush Egypt’s democracy movement, but, for me, the... [ View ]

Obama's Risky Idealism With Egypt - James Kitfield, National JournalNo place has clipped the wings of American idealism, and grounded it in the grimy compromises that pit interests against aspirations, quite like the Middle East. Even a p... [ View ]

Obama May Regret Abandoning Mubarak - Con Coughlin, Daily TelegraphPolitical revolts have an uncanny knack of catching even the best-prepared administrations off guard, as Barack Obama is discovering in the wake of the sudden eruption of un... [ View ]

January 2013: How to Repeal ObamaCare - Keith HennesseySenate Minority Leader McConnell will offer an amendment to repeal the health care laws.  Senate Democratic leaders and the White House are taking a “Move it along, not... [ View ]

Repeal Votes and Democratic Strategy - Michael Tomasky, The GuardianThe Republican effort to repeal the healthcare bill in the Senate failed yesterday, with 51 Democrats opposing and all 47 Republicans supporting. One Democrat, Mark Warner o... [ View ]

Mubarak: Resignation would cause chaos - ... [ View ]

Mexican authorities: Nuevo Laredo police chief gunned down - ... [ View ]

Police: Gardener admits killing Uganda gay rights activist - ... [ View ]

Antarctica cruise cut short after ship hits rock - ... [ View ]

Huge Snowstorm Buries A Third Of America - Millions of Americans have been digging themselves out after snow covered more than a third of the country.... [ View ]

Man Guilty Of Attacking Danish Cartoonist - A Somali man has been found guilty of trying to kill one of the Danish cartoonists who carricatured the Muslim Prophet Mohammed in 2005.... [ View ]

Egypt Covering Up Struggle With Pro-Democracy Advocates - Egypt has been arresting and detaining journalists and international human rights activists in a crackdown on democracy activists. Mubarak, in an interview with a hand-picked journalist, told ABC that he... [ View ]

A cyclone hit the coast of Australia fury - Just weeks after suffering the worst floods ever recorded in Australia, the state of Queensland yesterday faced another natural disaster. Yasi cyclone hit the northeast coast, with winds that blew at 290k... [ View ]

Case Of Jailed Diplomat In Pakistan Fuels Anger - Hundreds of Pakistanis are gathering at the site where a jailed U.S. diplomat allegedly shot and killed two Pakistani men who he claims were armed robbers. Suspicion in the case of Raymond Davis is adding... [ View ]

Thousands Gather To Mourn Hmong Leader Vang Pao - During the Vietnam War, Gen. Vang Pao led Hmong guerrillas fighting communist forces invading Laos from North Vietnam — an effort funded by the CIA. Throngs of Hmong from around the world will be in Fres... [ View ]

Will U.S.-Egypt Military Ties Remain? - The United States provides more than $1 billion a year in military aid to Egypt. Egypt gets tanks and fighter jets, while the United States gets a foothold in the Middle East. The question now is wheth... [ View ]

Meet John and Julie: Holograms Beamed Into The Manchester Airport - Last week, Manchester International Airport started using two holograms of real employees to remind travelers to ditch their liquids. According to Russell Craig, the airport spokesman, it has shown "incred... [ View ]

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