Think Tanks, Princess Truck and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2011-10-15 on Tamugaia - Think Tanks, and Princess Truck.
Think Tanks - Battle against brain-hungry bots or play your friends online in this wacky and thrilling 3D combat tank game.... [ View ]

Princess Truck - Take your magical truck over the rainbow and through the woods from the castle.... [ View ]

Colony Defenders - Defend your colony from invading aliens in Colony Defenders.... [ View ]

Snow Bros. - New platform action game.... [ View ]

NYCC: Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva Brings the Games to Film with Style - While not perfect, Level-5's foray into cinema comes off surprisingly well.... [ View ]

Review: Guardian Heroes Storms Back From the Dead - Fifteen years later, one of the Saturn's best games still rocks... [ View ]

NYCC: Street Fighter X Tekken Gets an Early March Release Date, Special Edition - You'll be playing the fighting game series crossover before the end of winter.... [ View ]

NYCC: The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Has a Videogame Tie-In - We should be learning the first details tomorrow.... [ View ]

News Flash: Pikachu Meets Chewbacca in a Frighteningly Adorable T-shirt - ... [ View ]

EA Preparing to Shut Down Harry Potter Dev Bright Light - ... [ View ]

No PSOne Classics Support for the PlayStation Vita? - ... [ View ]

Review: Dance Central 2 (Xbox 360) - ... [ View ]

Screenshots: The Secret World (PC) - ... [ View ]

Screenshots: The Sims 3: Pets (PC) - ... [ View ]

Screenshots: The Sims 3: Pets (Xbox 360) - ... [ View ]

Screenshots: Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360) - ... [ View ]

8bitfix Review: Dark Souls - 8bitfix writes: Id never felt apprehensive about starting a new game before I picked up Dark Souls a couple weeks ago. I never played Demons Souls, and I knew through word of mouth that it was one of the m... [ View ]

Beautiful new Ni no Kuni PS3 trailer - Check out a stunning new trailer for Ni no Kuni PS3.... [ View ]

Once Upon a Monster Review [VGR] - VGR: With the Kinect, Microsoft has been able to reach out to the casual gamers, which has been difficult since the 360 has released. Luckily with the help of Tim Schafer and Double Fine productions, Sesam... [ View ]

Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview - It seems as if the franchise has been in the works for a new title to come out on PC. Star Wars: The Old Republic has a twisted story line you have got to see.... [ View ]

Batman: Arkham City review average reaches 97 on Metacritic - ... [ View ]

Video: Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge vs Bath Rugby - ... [ View ]

Spider-Man: Edge of Time video - first 15 minutes - ... [ View ]

EA proposes closure of UK Harry Potter studio - ... [ View ]

Batman: Arkham City launch trailer, screenshots complement stellar review scores - ... [ View ]

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