Thieves steal solid gold, UK airline pilots report UFO near-misses and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2019-09-16 on Tamugaia - Thieves steal solid gold toilet from palace, and UK airline pilots report UFO near-misses.
Thieves steal solid gold toilet from palace - The 18-carat gold lavatory was swiped during an overnight break-in at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire. The ridiculously extravagant (and fully functional...... [ View ]

UK airline pilots report UFO near-misses - UFO researchers have called for an investigation into pilot reports of near-misses with unidentified objects. According to a recent analysis by Newsqu...... [ View ]

Charlie Robinson | Dissecting the Tentacles of Control [VIDEO] - ... [ View ]

Crypto’s Forgotten Altcoins Re-Emerge: A Look at What’s Happening - Bitcoin.com During the crypto bull market of 2017, everybody was happy. It wasn’t just the BTC maximalists, BCH enthusiasts, or proponents of ETH. Privacy coins like monero were doing great, and eve... [ View ]

Navy withholding data on UFO sightings, congressman says - Politico A top Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee is accusing the Navy of withholding information about reports of unidentified aircraft after officially requesting more data on the myster... [ View ]

U.S. Navy Confirms Videos Depict ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’; Not Cleared For Public Release - The Black Vault By John Greenewald, Jr., The Black Vault — Originally Published September 10th, 2019  Screen shot from the “Gimbal” video, as published by To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science... [ View ]

Sulfur, Sodium – A Mysterious Salt Combination Preserved The Dead Sea Scrolls For Millennia - Science 2.0 First discovered in 1947 by Bedouin shepherds looking for a lost sheep, the ancient Hebrew texts now known as the Dead Sea Scrolls are some of the most well-preserved ancient written materials... [ View ]

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