The man who could hear h, Giant fungus discovered in China and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2011-08-02 on Tamugaia - The man who could hear his eyeballs roll, and Giant fungus discovered in China.
The man who could hear his eyeballs roll - A man who suffered from being able to hear his own eyeballs moving in their sockets has been cured. The 57-year-old had been given a variety of medica...... [ View ]

Giant fungus discovered in China - The largest known fruiting body of a fungus has been found on the underside of a tree in China. The massive fungus is 10m long, is 20 years old and we...... [ View ]

How long can you live after decapitation ? - Is it possible that a person could remain aware for up to a minute after being decapitated ? Its a question that has been asked for centuries, just ho...... [ View ]

Strolling Through The Living Room - ... [ View ]

Female Voices, An Apparition, Black Orbs And More 2 - ... [ View ]

New Brighton lifeboat crew’s UFO false alarm – Liverpool Daily Post - New Brighton lifeboat crew's UFO false alarmLiverpool Daily PostA LIFEBOAT crew's excitement at the chance to be the first to make contact with aliens turned out to be less dramatic than hoped for.... [ View ]

Cybersecurity: Defense Department – NEWS.GNOM.ES (press release) - Cybersecurity: Defense DepartmentNEWS.GNOM.ES (press release)The US military's computer systems are probed by outsiders millions of times a day, while insiders, like a soldier who allegedly extracted h... [ View ]

Hill Historical Marker - New Hampshire erected a historical marker on July, 20th 2011 for the Betty and Barney Hill Incident. Route 3, Lincoln NH. –Mike Stevens mstevens@kripara.com Coast to Coast AM – UFOs & Aeri... [ View ]

Telepathy with Animals - ... [ View ]

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