The Trading Week: Apr. 2, AUDUSD recap, 22nd April 2011 and other Economy news

The economy news of 2011-04-24 on Tamugaia - The Trading Week: Apr. 25 - Apr. 29, and AUDUSD recap, 22nd April 2011.
The Trading Week: Apr. 25 - Apr. 29 - ... [ View ]

AUDUSD recap, 22nd April 2011 - ... [ View ]

Portugal on holiday amid bail-out talks - Contrast between the strong work ethic of northern Europe and Portugal’s more relaxed attitude to work and leisure seen as the heart of the country’s economic woes... [ View ]

Recovery prompts US divorce rebound - A stronger economy, lower unemployment and an improved housing market have convinced couples they no longer need to stay together to save money... [ View ]

Obama seen as failing on economy - Voters are feeling more pessimistic about the economy than they were even in the first few months Mr Obama held office in 2009, some of the darkest days of the nation’s recession... [ View ]

Shanghai fuel protests unnerve Beijing - Rising diesel costs have sparked protests at several ports around Shanghai, at a time when Beijing is nervous that inflation and high oil prices could contribute to social unrest... [ View ]

BP likely to settle suits out of court - Given the potential reputational damage of a trial for all parties, lawyers predicted that an eventual settlement on the costs of the Deepwater Horizon accident was more likely... [ View ]

Daily Report: Dollar Sold off On Risk Appetite, Breaks 2009 Low - ... [ View ]

Daily Report: Dollar and Yen Weaken as Earnings Boost Equities - ... [ View ]

Mid-Day Report: Dollar Lower after S&P Downgrades US Outlook, Euro Extends Pullback on Spain Auction - ... [ View ]

Daily Report: Euro Mildly Lower On Debt Worries, But Downside Limited - ... [ View ]

Daily Report: Risk Aversion Recedes, Focus Back on Economic Data - ... [ View ]

Shanghai offers fee cuts to defuse strike - Shanghai is cutting some fees to defuse striking truck drivers’ anger over high fuel prices, after days of confrontation that have disrupted the world’s busiest port... [ View ]

Clashes continue on Thai-Cambodia border - Cambodia and Thailand have exchanged fire along their disputed border for a second day, with both sides blaming the other for the hostilities.... [ View ]

Air strikes hurt Gaddafi’s ground forces - Rebel fighters remain in a block-by-block war of attrition and continue to voice frustration with an intervention they deem too cautious despite an increase in support this week... [ View ]

China broadens stress tests for banks - In a sign of growing unease about the overheated real estate market, the tests are more stringent and factor in a larger drop in prices than ones conducted in the past two years... [ View ]

Japan unveils Y4,000bn disaster budget - Tokyo has proposed an extra budget of Y4,000bn to fund the initial stage of relief and reconstruction following the country’s devastating earthquake and tsunami last month... [ View ]

Weekly Forex Update: GBP/AUD - Autochartist has identified the high Clarity Falling Wedge chart pattern on the daily GBP/AUD charts. The Quality of this chart pattern is measured at the 5 bar level which reflects the following values of... [ View ]

Daily Forex Update: USD/CHF - USD/CHF is trending down inside the Down Channel chart pattern detected by Autochartist on the hourly charts. The Quality of this chart pattern is measured at the 4 bar level which reflects the following v... [ View ]

GBPJPY Remains Pressured To The Downside - Although closing marginally lower for the past week, GBPJPY remains vulnerable to the downside on corrective pullbacks. Its current vulnerability is coming on the back of a loss of price momentum at the 13... [ View ]

World Inflation Outlook (I): United States, Eurozone, United Kingdom, Japan - World inflation pressure has heightened, exacerbated by the rally in oil prices since tensions in the Middle East and North Africa, in recent months. Such pressure was first felt in emerging countries in m... [ View ]

The Week Ahead from FXDD for the week of April 25th - ... [ View ]

BOJ Shirakawa says Japan GDP contraction is possible in 1H - Supply shocks may continue until August... [ View ]

An analysis of Silver. Is there a limit to the move that makes sense? - ... [ View ]

AUDCAD looks to break higher but will have to wait until next week - ... [ View ]

Friday Wrap show April 22 2011 rebroadcast - ... [ View ]

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