The Stones 2, Baldur and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2020-04-03 on Tamugaia - The Stones 2, and Baldur.
The Stones 2 - I had a phone call from my cousin asking me to come around because something was freaking her out. At her house, something felt wrong. There was a heavy atmosphere and it just felt uncomfortable. We sat do... [ View ]

Baldur - ... [ View ]

His Bite - ... [ View ]

Face On A Wall - ... [ View ]

Melting Swiss Glacier Reveals Link Between the Killing of Thomas Becket and Lead Pollution - Thomas Becket, also known as Saint Thomas of Canterbury, was assassinated in 1170 by followers of Henry II, King of England, in Canterbury Cathedral. While that killing resulted in Becket quickly being can... [ View ]

Dark Conspiracies and the Mysterious Death of Rebecca Zahau - Things were going pretty well for Rebecca Zahau. Although she had had some hard times with a divorce, she had started dating a hot shot CEO by the name of Jonah Shacknai, of the company Medicis Pharmaceuti... [ View ]

Seismologists Say the Coronavirus Has Changed the Way the Earth Moves - I miss the earth’s moves under my feet I miss the rocks tumbling down I miss the ground start to trembling Because we’re all homebound Will the worldwide coronavirus shutdown affect the Earth so much t... [ View ]

When Bigfoot Gets Artistic – Or Doesn’t - “For centuries, we have come across striking and consistent stick and tree structures in the forest, especially in areas with a long history of Sasquatch encounters. Yet until now, no field guide has... [ View ]

Polish Farmer Finds Largest Ever Treasure Trove Of Ancient Roman Coins - A Polish farmer was out searching for abandoned antlers when he discovered a large amount of ancient Roman coins. It was in fact a very significant find as it is one of the largest treasures from the Roman... [ View ]

AI can turn human thoughts into written word - A remarkable new AI system has been designed that can read what someone is thinking and turn it into text. Despite sounding like something out of a sc...... [ View ]

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