The Stone Roses - review, Ed Miliband calls for public inquiry into banks and other World news

The world news of 2012-06-30 on Tamugaia - The Stone Roses - review, and Ed Miliband calls for public inquiry into banks.
The Stone Roses - review - ... [ View ]

Ed Miliband calls for public inquiry into banks - ... [ View ]

Trendwatcher: Glory & Balaclavas at Moscow International Film Festival - Do you know a single Russian filmmaker who doesn’t complain about the industry? I sure don’t.... [ View ]

Transmissions from a Lone Star: A Short History of Useful Idiots - Mussolini: you might think he was just a blustering fool in a fez, but once upon a time many people took him very seriously. I remember my shock when, aged 15 or so, I learned from my history teacher that... [ View ]

Russian Press - Behind the Headlines, June 29 - Public Chamber to Probe Anti-Gay Laws Supreme Court Passes Self-Defense Ruling Church Pities Pussy Riot but Cannot Help... [ View ]

Uncertain World: Is Democracy the Solution for the Middle East? - The Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi has been declared the winner of the presidential election in Egypt, the largest Arab nation and the one that sets the political tone in the region.... [ View ]

Assange faces tough choice: lawyer - 4:57 PM... [ View ]

UN endorses force to hunt Kony - 3:47 PM... [ View ]

50 dead, 42 missing in China mudslides - 3:06 PM... [ View ]

Morsi to be president for all Egyptians - 2:23 PM... [ View ]

Serial cheater confronted by ex-girlfriends - 2:00 PM... [ View ]

Is Drug War Issue Overrated In Mexico Elections? - Mexicans go out to vote for a new president this Sunday. The frontrunners are the left-leaning Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and the so-called "Pretty Boy Candidate" Enrique Pena Nieto. Host Michel Martin sp... [ View ]

Barack Obama visits Colorado towns devastated by wildfire - A shocked US President Barack Obama on Friday toured "heartbroken" Colorado neighborhoods torched by rampaging wildfires, viewing charred homes and cars melted by intense heat.... [ View ]

Syria: Hillary Clinton and Sergei Lavrov inch closer towards deal on peace plan - Hopes of a diplomatic breakthrough over the civil war in Syria rose on Friday after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held crisis talks with Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov.... [ View ]

Three German women killed in lightning strike - Three women were killed and fourth badly injured during a lightning storm in Germany on Friday.... [ View ]

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