The Skinwalker: Dangerou, Cursed and Doomed Biblical City of Bethsaida May Have Been Found and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2020-08-29 on Tamugaia - The Skinwalker: Dangerous and Deadly, and Cursed and Doomed Biblical City of Bethsaida May Have Been Found.
The Skinwalker: Dangerous and Deadly - A question was put to me recently: what is the most dangerous supernatural creature out there? That’s a good question. Some might say the Wendigo. Others, the violent Bigfoot-type creatures of South... [ View ]

Cursed and Doomed Biblical City of Bethsaida May Have Been Found - Another biblical location gets an archeological certification as a site on the Sea of Galilea excavated 32 years ago has finally been confirmed to be the location of the once famous and later cursed city o... [ View ]

24.09 – MU Podcast – The Premonitions Bureau - Could dreams allow us to access the unlimited power of our unconscious mind? On this episode we discuss some of the most recent developments in dream research and hear of the sudden boom in dream recall an... [ View ]

Strange Forest Entity Encounters by an Alleged Search and Rescue Worker - The woods are a weird place, and the Internet can be an even weirder wilderness. There are countless forums of people claiming to have come across a wide variety of bizarreness out in the wilderness, and m... [ View ]

Lizzie Borden’s Haunted Maplecroft House Is Now For Sale - The famous house in Fall River, Massachusetts, where Lizzie Borden spent the second half of her life is currently on the market for $890,000. The Queen Anne Victorian mansion, which is called Maplecroft, w... [ View ]

Where did the Earth get all of its water from ? - A new study has cast doubt on the prevailing theory of how our planet came to possess so much water. For years, it was generally believed that most of...... [ View ]

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