The Mysterious Wolfman o, Mysterious Condition Causes Man to See Faces Melting Away and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2020-09-07 on Tamugaia - The Mysterious Wolfman of Maryland, and Mysterious Condition Causes Man to See Faces Melting Away.
The Mysterious Wolfman of Maryland - Among the many reports of various hairy wildmen reported throughout the world, some of the strangest are those that seem to point to some sort of “Dogman” or werewolf type beast. Such stories a... [ View ]

Mysterious Condition Causes Man to See Faces Melting Away - There are few movie scenes as memorably horrifying as the one at the end of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” when a Nazi looked at the opened Ark of the Covenant and his screaming face melted away. (You can w... [ View ]

Hundreds Of Mammoth Bones Unearthed At Airport Construction Site - An airport construction site located north of Mexico City has become “mammoth central” with hundreds of bones already recovered. So far, experts have unearthed around 200 mammoth bones with many more w... [ View ]

Case of mystery body reopened 41 years on - Experts are attempting to solve the mystery of an unidentified man who washed up on the Isles of Scilly. On February 21st, 1979, the body of an unknow...... [ View ]

Miniature Stonehenge aids acoustical study - Back when the entire monument was intact, Stonehenge had some seriously impressive acoustics. For thousands of years Stonehenge has dominated the Wilt...... [ View ]

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