The Mysterious Ghost Roo, Chupacabra Blamed for Strange Cattle Mutilations in Argentina and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2019-06-24 on Tamugaia - The Mysterious Ghost Room of Maynooth, and Chupacabra Blamed for Strange Cattle Mutilations in Argentina.
The Mysterious Ghost Room of Maynooth - The scenic countryside around Dublin, Ireland, is peppered with historic places and buildings. Here ivy-covered castles, quaint manors, and all manner of ruins from another time dot the landscape and pull... [ View ]

Chupacabra Blamed for Strange Cattle Mutilations in Argentina - “Blame it on the Chupacabra” sounds like it could be the title of a country western song (note to self: dust off guitar and call agent) but it’s more likely to be the lament of farmers – particular... [ View ]

Ornithologists May Have Solved the Mystery of the Nazca Lines Birds - The famous Nazca Lines in the Nazca desert of southern Peru have a number of mysteries … not the least of which is the mystery of who made them. And why. And what exactly are the drawings supposed to rep... [ View ]

Mysterious Cursed Places Prowled by Hooded Devil Worshippers - A very popular sort of tale present in a great many urban legends is that of the mysterious Satanists and cultists that gather behind closed doors and in the remote creepy wilderness to carry out their str... [ View ]

The Chupacabra: How Far Back Do the Stories Go? - If there’s one thing, more than any other, that annoys me in the field of paranormal research, it’s an armchair researcher of the debunking kind. Time and time again I have heard the debunkers loudly a... [ View ]

Giant squid filmed in the Gulf of Mexico - Scientists have captured footage of a huge cephalopod emerging from the gloom 750m below the surface. One of the largest and most elusive denizens of ...... [ View ]

Man builds pyramid using 1 million pennies - Cory Nielsen spent three years putting together the impressive structure using 1,030,315 pennies. The 55-year-old, who is from Phoenix, Arizona, is no...... [ View ]

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