The Little Girl In The G, My First Time and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2019-10-20 on Tamugaia - The Little Girl In The Garden, and My First Time.
The Little Girl In The Garden - When I was about twelve years old, we had been living in the same house for about three years. This is also where I had my first direct experience. To give a little background, my room was at the end of a... [ View ]

My First Time - I would like to start this by describing myself first. I think it is important to have some sense of the person relating a story so that the reader may know some point of reference from which it is being t... [ View ]

The Red Eyed Shadow - ... [ View ]

Wandering Soul - ... [ View ]

The Shadow Under The Door - ... [ View ]

10.14.19. Wolf Man: Origins of the Werewolf - ... [ View ]

10.07.19. UFOs and All That Jazz - ... [ View ]

Monkeys Score Better Than Humans in Certain Games - The expression “Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle” is used when expressing disbelief and has been traced back to reactions to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial on... [ View ]

A Mysterious Lake Monster in the Wilds of Siberia - Lying out in the remote, snow swept wilderness of Oymyakonsky Ulus, Sakha Republic, Russia, in Siberia’s Yakutia region, surrounded by a wild realm of untouched frozen forests prowled by wolves and brown... [ View ]

Mysterious “Blob” Has Nearly 720 Sexes And No Brain - A new and very mysterious organism has found a new home in a large tank at the Paris Zoological Park. Nicknamed the “blob” after a 1958 horror movie, its official scientific name is Physarum polycephal... [ View ]

22.16 – MU Podcast - Known as the “W56”, a group of alleged extraterrestrials made their presence clear to over one hundred people in Italy in the late 1950s. Carrying out their plans for humanity in huge clandesti... [ View ]

Ex-NASA Scientist Claims Life Was Discovered on Mars in 1976 - David Bowie sang about it. Ray Bradbury wrote about it. Elon Musk dreams about it being him. The possibility of life existing on Mars has intrigued humans ever since the red dot in the sky was called a pla... [ View ]

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