The HotSpot - Saints Row, Spec Ops: the Line Interview with Shawn Frison and Chris Thomas and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2011-11-24 on Tamugaia - The HotSpot - Saints Row, Need for Speed - 11/23/11, and Spec Ops: the Line Interview with Shawn Frison and Chris Thomas.
The HotSpot - Saints Row, Need for Speed - 11/23/11 - ... [ View ]

Spec Ops: the Line Interview with Shawn Frison and Chris Thomas - ... [ View ]

Ski Resort Mogul - In the management game Ski Resort Mogul it is your duty to help your aunt building a giant ski resort. Buy and upgrade houses, whops and other buildings to earn the maximum amount of cash and make the ski... [ View ]

Ultranought - In the strategy game Ultranought you are the commander of the vessel and it is your duty to send attacking troops to wipe out the enemy units and bases each mission.... [ View ]

Raze 2 - In the shooting game Raze 2 you are on a mission! The earth is once again invade by aliens. You and other taskforce members are infected with a zombie virus. Usde your tactical, combat and shooting skills... [ View ]

Warzone 2060 - In the Command and Conquer styled game Warzone 2060 you are in command of an outpost and you need to build it up from the ground. Build factorys, turrets and many other structures. Build up an army of troo... [ View ]

The Vault Job - In the physics based puzzle game The Vault Job it is your task to get the vault door at the vault. Use or remove objects to succed.... [ View ]

Free Finding Zelda Party… why not? - ... [ View ]

PS Vita ad tease is just dumb - ... [ View ]

Gears of War 3 Booster map pack drops today - ... [ View ]

In Other News – 23 November - ... [ View ]

How The Elder Scrolls Changed My Life - Patrick of GAMElitist.com - "Morrowind was released in May of 2002 and after weeks of build up in the magazines, and admittedly weeks of me pestering my parents, I acquired the game and set about installin... [ View ]

Video Review: Need For Speed: The Run - Need For Speed: The Run mixes the series formula up a little with a story which stretches from San Francisco to New York City and out of car segments. The results is a game that has some awkward and frustr... [ View ]

Guns of Icarus Online Gameplay Video is Droolworthy - The guys from Muse Games has released a new gameplay video for their upcoming MMO: Guns of Icarus Online based on the popular air ship combat game Guns of Icarus.... [ View ]

"Super Mario Used To Shoot Real Bullets" - Miyamoto - Nintendo originally intended to make Super Mario the gaming equivalent to Rambo, according to lead creator Shigeru Miyamoto.... [ View ]

Lots of bug fixes and… - ... [ View ]

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