‘The Fifth Estate’ t, NASA FACTS Educational Publication 1968 “Manned Spacecraft Center” Houston, TX and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2013-11-29 on Tamugaia - ‘The Fifth Estate’ tops Forbes’ flop films list – Free Press Journal, and NASA FACTS Educational Publication 1968 “Manned Spacecraft Center” Houston, TX.
‘The Fifth Estate’ tops Forbes’ flop films list – Free Press Journal - 'The Fifth Estate' tops Forbes' flop films listFree Press JournalForbes Magazine said that the Wikileaks drama could earn only 21 percent of what it had cost to make it. Sylvester Stallone'... [ View ]

NASA FACTS Educational Publication 1968 “Manned Spacecraft Center” Houston, TX - Most popular NASA eBay auctions: Related External Links CGI's Lymerick: The Royal Families : PART 3 – nesara 'We Choose … ': 50 Years After Kennedy's Assassination, the Torch &#... [ View ]

TOP 10 BROKEN PROPHECIES OF ALL TIME – HD PRESENTATION - UFOTV® Accept no imitations! Now presenting the Top 10 Craziest Prophecies of All Time. Y2K, 2012, Heaven’s Gate and many more are described in detail. The T…... [ View ]

The Halt Tape Bentwaters Woo Video - Video This is the cut version of Col Charles Halt s tape which he recorded during the UFO incident that took place in Rendlesham Forest and on the ... disclose.tv... [ View ]

The Real Story of [U.S.] Thanksgiving - The Real Story of [U.S.] Thanksgiving by Susan Bates Most of us associate the holiday with happy Pilgrims and Indians sitting down to a big feast. And that did happen – once. The story began in 1614... [ View ]

Decline of the American Empire? Global Configurations of Power, The Swindle Economy and the Criminal State - By Prof. James Petras Global Research, November 24, 2013 Url of this article: http://www.globalresearch.ca/decline-of-the-american-empire-global-configurations-of-power-the-swindle-economy-and-the-criminal... [ View ]

NASA’s Next Frontier: Growing Plants On The Moon - Written By: Tarun Wadhwa Posted: 11/25/13 12:45 PM Email Story A small team at NASA’s Ames Research Center has set out to “boldly grow where no man has grown before” – and they’re doing it with t... [ View ]

Comet ISON – Metaphysical / Spiritual Heart Awakening -  . . . Everything You Want to Know!!! ~J Posted on November 26, 2013 by Jean   Created on: 14/11/13 Source: UniversalLifeTools.com Comet ISON is providing a revolutionary potential to humanity over... [ View ]

FDA Tells 23andMe to Stop Marketing DNA Sequencing Service - well now, let’s see why they REALLY are demanding this product be pulled….hmmmm, proponents of personalized medicine???  yeah right!-A.M. Written By: Cameron Scott http://singularityhub.com Po... [ View ]

Ghost hunters set fire to historic mansion - Seven men were arrested after they managed to burn down the LeBeau Plantation house near New Orleans. Built in the 1850s, the mansion is well known fo...... [ View ]

Beyond the Panic Room, Home Security Goes Sci-Fi - Al Corbi’s residence in the Hollywood Hills has the requisite white walls covered in artwork and picture windows offering breathtaking views of downtown Los Angeles, but it has more in common with NSA he... [ View ]

New York Sending Out Gun Confiscation Notices - New York City has reportedly started sending out confiscation notices ordering gun owners to “immediately surrender” rifles and/or shotguns capable of holding more than five rounds of ammunition. It is... [ View ]

CNN and MSNBC lose almost half their viewers in one year - It’s been a tough year for the liberal cable news outlets. Data released Tuesday show CNN shedding 48 percent of total viewers since last November and MSNBC dropping 45 percent. The numbers were even wor... [ View ]

US govt caught using pirated software for military, settles for $50mn - The Obama administration has agreed to pay Apptricity US$50 million for pirating the company’s logistics software the US Army used beyond contracted parameters. While the Obama administration’s has lau... [ View ]

Man throws bitcoin hard drive into landfill worth $7.2mn - A computer programmer from South Wales has accidentally thrown a digital wallet with 7,500 bitcoins into landfill. Now the hard drive worth $7.2million is buried four feet down. “You know when you pu... [ View ]

Most Unlikely Sasquatch Habitat :(Foot Print Found) - Most Unlikely Sasquatch Habitat Foot Print Found)Once one forgets all the "Monster Hunting" going on in the search for the Sasquatch and excepts the fact that they are people ( our own distant cous... [ View ]

Rare H6N1 bird flu strain makes first human appearance - For the first time ever, the H6N1 bird flu has turned up in a human being, a 20-year-old Taiwanese woman who was hospitalized earlier this year after she developed a high fever, cough and shortness of brea... [ View ]

Happy Thanksgiving from the Health Ranger and Natural News - As America celebrates its Thanksgiving national holiday, I’m reminded that we all have an abundance of things to be thankful for. Here at Natural News, we all have extraordinary gratitude for the sup... [ View ]

Woman celebrated as Obamacare success story gets hit with unaffordable rate raises - She went from the administration’s hero to zero with the click of a mouse. Once touted by the White House as an Obamacare success story, Jessica Sanford has now discovered that, no... [ View ]

Four out of five people stop breathing correctly when typing an email - Four out of five people regularly stop breathing while typing emails, according to studies conducted by former Apple executive Linda Stone. The condition, which health professionals are calling ‘emai... [ View ]

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