The Cat, Mr. Jones and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2012-06-22 on Tamugaia - The Cat, and Mr. Jones.
The Cat - Over the last 4 years myself, my mother and father moved from England to Denmark and back again. The first place we moved into in Denmark was a large, open space flat on the fifth floor. It had a lot of la... [ View ]

Mr. Jones - ... [ View ]

Haunted Pigsty - ... [ View ]

Things Every Person Should Know About Astronomy #1 - Voting is still open, thanks to all who voted! youtube-global.blogspot.com “Energy is not conserved in an expanding universe.” Trolls: Don’t even start until you’ve readContinue Rea... [ View ]

Shirish Kunder finds crop circles alien – NDTV - NDTV Shirish Kunder finds crop circles alienNDTVDirector Shirish Kunder had a tough time making crop circles to depict UFO landings in his upcoming film 'Joker'.Continue Reading »... [ View ]

Recent (apparent) increase in UFO sightings ? - by staticgirl Question by : Recent (apparent) increase in UFO sightings ? So lately YouTube has been FLOODED with UFO sightings from all over theContinue Reading »... [ View ]

Friendship Quotes - by cronewynd Friendship Quotes My life was smooth it was so much fun it was blooming day by day like a pretty rose bud,Continue Reading »... [ View ]

Lost Worlds: How the Easter Island heads walked - ... [ View ]

UFO Over Suffolk County Long Island - ... [ View ]

Electron Entrapment - ... [ View ]

Albion and Jesus - ... [ View ]

UFO Digest Newsletter June 21, 2012 - ... [ View ]

Twins Abducted in Middletown, New York - In December of 2003, a UFO sighting was reported from a man, his twin brother, and two others. They followed a triangle formation of lights in the city of Middletown, ...... [ View ]

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