The Case for Protesting , The Commencement Bigots and other World news

The world news of 2014-05-16 on Tamugaia - The Case for Protesting Commencement Speakers, and The Commencement Bigots.
The Case for Protesting Commencement Speakers - Lucia Graves, NJThe Daily Beast framed the conversation thusly: "The oh-so-fragile class of 2014 needs to STFU and listen to some new ideas." The Week called it an example of "the lazy moralism of liberal... [ View ]

The Commencement Bigots - Timothy Egan, New York TimesDiversity of perspective? Thy name should be academia. But of late, too many schools are opting for well-vetted bores. Pursue your dream, live your own life, don’t forget... [ View ]

Is Hashtag Diplomacy Narcissist? - Charles Krauthammer, Wash. PostMass schoolgirl kidnapping in Nigeria — to tweet or not to tweet? Is hashtagging one’s indignation about some outrage abroad an exercise in moral narcissism or a... [ View ]

HIllary Rewrites Her Record on Iran - Josh Rogin, The Daily BeastHillary Clinton is now claiming to be the architect of crippling sanctions on the Iranian economy. But during her tenure at Secretary of State, her department repeatedly opposed... [ View ]

Concern over Chilcot report delay - An influential parliamentary committee has raised concerns over the lengthy delay in publication of the Chilcot report into the Iraq War.... [ View ]

Harry to honour Estonian sacrifices - Prince Harry will honour the sacrifices made by Estonians in their fight for independence as he begins a short tour of northern Europe today.... [ View ]

E.ON to pay £12m over mis-selling - Energy supplier E.ON is to pay a record £12 million to vulnerable customers after an investigation found it broke energy sales rules over a three-year period.... [ View ]

E.ON ordered to refund customers £12m for misselling - Figure represents largest ever penalty levelled by Ofgem but power company could return total of £20m back to as many as 333,000 customers... [ View ]

Indian election 2014 results: Modi and BJP set for massive victory live - ... [ View ]

Dark matter, mental health, and the cakes of math - blogs roundup - ... [ View ]

The daily quiz, 16 May 2014 - In our weekly reader-set quiz, Nick Armstrong tests your knowledge of punctuation, old coins and cars in films... [ View ]

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