Thai police raid uncover, Clinton aide given immunity: US politician and other World news

The world news of 2016-09-24 on Tamugaia - Thai police raid uncovers body in freezer, and Clinton aide given immunity: US politician.
Thai police raid uncovers body in freezer - 3:37 PM... [ View ]

Clinton aide given immunity: US politician - 3:50 PM... [ View ]

Three dead in shooting at US mall: police - 3:32 PM... [ View ]

Russia, US argue on reviving Syria truce - 3:01 PM... [ View ]

Washington State mall shooting: Three killed as police look for gunman - ... [ View ]

Barack Obama meets family of murdered MP Jo Cox in the White House - ... [ View ]

Motorist fined for driving in car pool lane using mannequin as passenger - ... [ View ]

Gabon court upholds president Ali Bongo's disputed election win  - ... [ View ]

FBI gave immunity to top Hillary Clinton aide during email investigation, says Republican lawmaker - ... [ View ]

Did Russia Hack The NSA? Maybe Not - When news broke last month the National Security Agency might have been hacked, suspicion fell on Russia. Now some analysts think an NSA insider might have been involved, wittingly or not.... [ View ]

Finding Europe Untenable, More Migrants Return To Their Home Countries - A report finds more than 30,000 migrants have voluntarily left Germany since January. The top three destinations were Albania, Afghanistan or Iraq.... [ View ]

Syrian Airstrikes Target White Helmets Volunteer Group In Aleppo - Syria is unleashing its air power on rebel-held Aleppo, saying it will reclaim all of the embattled city. A target of the air assault appears to be the White Helmets — the volunteer rescue group that wor... [ View ]

When Will Millennials Start Liking Hillary Clinton? - Catherine Rampell, Washington PostMillennials are souring on Hillary Clinton. Again. Not that they were ever so sweet on her to begin with, at least relative to how they swooned over other Democrats. Both... [ View ]

Taking Trump Seriously, Not Literally - Salena Zito, The AtlanticThe Republican candidate took his case to the shale industry in Pittsburgh, and found a welcoming crowd.... [ View ]

The Narrative Versus the Facts in Charlotte - Robert Driscoll, National Review OnlineThe Left gives terrorists the benefit of the doubt but assumes guilt when the shooter is a police officer.... [ View ]

Tackle Racial Bias in Policing at the Root - Sherrilyn Ifill, Washington Post“That looks like a bad dude.” This was the assessment of a Tulsa police officer of motorist Terence Crutcher as he walked toward his stalled vehicle.... [ View ]

Are the Police Racist? - Heather Mac Donald, Prager UniversityAre the police racist? Do they disproportionately shoot African-Americans? Are incidents in places like Ferguson and Baltimore evidence of systemic discrimination? Hea... [ View ]

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