Terrifying parasitic was, Mystery source of ozone-depleting CFC found and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2018-07-10 on Tamugaia - Terrifying parasitic wasp found in the Amazon, and Mystery source of ozone-depleting CFC found.
Terrifying parasitic wasp found in the Amazon - Scientists have discovered a new species of wasp that lays its eggs on spiders using its massive stinger. Found deep in the Amazon rainforest, the new...... [ View ]

Mystery source of ozone-depleting CFC found - Investigators have finally determined the source of the unexplained rise in atmospheric levels of CFC-11. Earlier this year, a mysterious surge in emi...... [ View ]

Bright spots on Ceres revealed in high detail - New photographs have emerged showing the distinctive bright spots on Ceres in unprecedented detail. During its approach of the dwarf planet back in 20...... [ View ]

Cow spotted in the back seat of a moving car - Police in South Wales have launched an investigation after images of the peculiar spectacle emerged online. The cow, which seemed to have been crammed...... [ View ]

Wtf is this - ... [ View ]

Astronomers find evidence of Organic Molecules in nearby Galaxy - ... [ View ]

Can Aliens Look Like Us? This Documented NASA Curiosity Rover Image of a Martian Totem Cause to Celebrate? (Uses a "Festival" Photo Filter). - ... [ View ]

NOVA Program For Colonizing The Moon Failed Because Of Extraterrestrial Attack? - ... [ View ]

How were the giant pyramids made - ... [ View ]

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