Tearful and Final Goodby, Madoff Suicide Highlights U.S. Criminal Justice System Gone Awry and other World news

The world news of 2010-12-12 on Tamugaia - Tearful and Final Goodbyes Were said for Elizabeth Edwards Today at her Funeral, and Madoff Suicide Highlights U.S. Criminal Justice System Gone Awry.
Tearful and Final Goodbyes Were said for Elizabeth Edwards Today at her Funeral - The scene was understandably sad today at the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards, known mostly as the wife of former Senator John Edwards. But Elizabeth Edwards was a woman of strength and character who left ma... [ View ]

Madoff Suicide Highlights U.S. Criminal Justice System Gone Awry - The recent headlined news story of the apparent suicide of Mark Madoff, the son of Wall Street wheeler dealer Bernie Madoff who is now serving a 150 year prison term in North Carolina for securities fraud... [ View ]

Croatian Ex-PM Arrested On Corruption Charges - Former Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader (57) has been arrested on an international warrant in Austria on Friday, just a day after he fled Croatia. The ex-PM is wanted in connection with an anti-corrupt... [ View ]

Venezuela acquires 1,800 antiaircraft missiles from Russia - ... [ View ]

Cancun Agreements put 193 nations on track to deal with climate change - ... [ View ]

Liu Xiaobo, jailed in China, honored in absentia by Nobel committee - ... [ View ]

Special envoy Richard Holbrooke has surgery for tear in aorta - ... [ View ]

Holocaust refugees recall exodus, arrival on Pacific Coast - ... [ View ]

MARK MADOFF DEAD - NEW YORK - The eldest son of Bernard Madoff committed suicide today. Or did he?... [ View ]

MANU GINOBILI UFO - LOS ANGELES - Manu Ginobili had an encounter with a UFO off court - and on.... [ View ]

MILEY CYRUS SMOKING POT - LOS ANGELES - Miley Cyrus was caught on video smoking bong hits in L.A. yesterday.... [ View ]

RED SEA SHARKS - EGYPT - The Red Sea Sharks are terrorizing the Middle East. Thirty people - Arabs and Israelis - have been mauled.... [ View ]

Theresa May pressed to halt visit by anti-Muslim US preacher - ... [ View ]

One dead in Stockholm explosions - ... [ View ]

Carr: wealthy should pay more tax - ... [ View ]

Hunt accuses BBC of leftwing bias - ... [ View ]

India from a Chinese classroom - ... [ View ]

Assange moved to isolation in jail - ... [ View ]

Clinton Takes the White House Stage, Again - Dan Balz, Washington PostIf not a transfer of power, the whole show seemed at least a temporary handoff. An embattled president, fresh off an electoral shellacking and struggling to sell a controversial t... [ View ]

Bill Schools Barack - Howard Kurtz, The Daily Beastby Howard Kurtz Info Howard Kurtz is The Daily Beast's Washington bureau chief. He also hosts CNN's weekly media pr... [ View ]

Bernie Sanders' Remarkable Call to Action - John Nichols, The NationSenator Bernie Sanders, who has promised to do "whatever it takes" to block the deal President Obama cut to extend tax breaks for billionaires and create a sweeping estat... [ View ]

So Who's Holding the Unemployed Hostage Now? - John Merline, AOL NewsJohn Merline Opinion Editor Subscribe to http://feeds.news.aol.com/synfeeds/collect/10/rss.xml24 MINUTES AGO47 MINUTES AGO16 MINUTES A... [ View ]

Obama Needs to Inspire the American Public - Eleanor Clift, NewsweekThe president and his family watch a Howard University basketball game on Nov. 27, 2010.Republicans would apparently sooner walk over broken glass than yield on tax cuts for the ric... [ View ]

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