Teardowns show iPhone 6s, Amazon Fire TV is hot [first-impressions review] and other Internet news

The internet news of 2015-10-04 on Tamugaia - Teardowns show iPhone 6s is more waterproof -- and get iFixit app pulled from the App Store, and Amazon Fire TV is hot [first-impressions review].
Teardowns show iPhone 6s is more waterproof -- and get iFixit app pulled from the App Store - For the curious-minded, iFixit is an essential resource. The hardware teardowns on the site have become legendary, revealing the innards of the latest and greatest phones and tablets better than anyone els... [ View ]

Amazon Fire TV is hot [first-impressions review] - Streaming set-top boxes are no longer about media consumption. The newest entrants—from Amazon, Apple, and Google—fit into a larger lexicon of connected digital lifestyles. Think intelligent television... [ View ]

ShareX 10.3.0 now available on Steam - Powerful open-source screenshot tool ShareX has been updated to 10.3 with new scrolling support, enabling the capture of full web pages or anything else larger than your screen. The technique works much li... [ View ]

Microsoft buys game physics company Havok from Intel - Microsoft seems to be placing increased importance on gaming. The latest in its list of acquisitions is game physics company Havoc which has been bought from Intel for an undisclosed fee. Used in titles su... [ View ]

Seen this Week: ‘The Launch’ - Just in time for Advertising Week, Adobe debuts its newest ad, "The Launch."... [ View ]

Changes To Japanese Consumption Tax Act - How do these new tax laws affect you? As you may have heard, the tax laws for e-commerce in Japan...... [ View ]

Teen Asks for Tolerance around Gender Identity - Bostonian Tory Muschetta was a little girl who innately felt uneasy about wearing frilly dresses and fussed-about hair. As she...... [ View ]

A Great Candidate Experience is Just an E-signature Away - Companies to keep in mind the old saying: there’s never a second chance to make a first impression.... [ View ]

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