Tax-News.com: Ibec Conce, Tax-News.com: Partisan Schism In Support For US Tax Cuts And Jobs Act and other Economy news

The economy news of 2018-01-27 on Tamugaia - Tax-News.com: Ibec Concerned With Piecemeal Brexit, and Tax-News.com: Partisan Schism In Support For US Tax Cuts And Jobs Act.
Tax-News.com: Ibec Concerned With Piecemeal Brexit - Tax-News.com: The CEO of Irish business association Ibec has said that it is a fallacy to think that the UK leaving the EU customs union "will deliver massive new trade opportunities."... [ View ]

Tax-News.com: Partisan Schism In Support For US Tax Cuts And Jobs Act - Tax-News.com: US taxpayers are equally divided on whether the recent US tax bill, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, will benefit or negatively impact them, with a marked partisan divide, according to a survey by... [ View ]

Tax-News.com: UK, Italy Taken To Task For EU Tax Law Infringements - Tax-News.com: The European Commission has asked Italy and the UK to bring their tax legislation into line with EU rules, as part of the latest infringement package.... [ View ]

Tax-News.com: Singapore, Sri Lanka Sign Free Trade Pact - Tax-News.com: Sri Lanka signed its first ever comprehensive free trade agreement on January 23, with Singapore.... [ View ]

Tax-News.com: Six More States Sign The BEPS Multilateral Instrument - Tax-News.com: A further six countries have signed the BEPS multilateral instrument, enabling them to swiftly amend their double tax treaties to incorporate the recommendations put forward by the OECD as pa... [ View ]

After The Vinyl Revival, The Vinyl-Playing Jukebox Is Back - Retro turntables anticipated the resurgence of vinyl records. Now, jukeboxes that play vinyl are returning to the market for the first time in more than two decades.... [ View ]

$400 Million Missing In Hack Of Japanese Digital Currency Exchange - Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck shut down trading Friday, after hackers stole hundreds of millions of dollars in digital currency. Financial regulators said they were looking into the loss.... [ View ]

Amazon, IPOs And The Queen Of The Demonweb Pits - We play overrated/underrated with Glenn Kelman, CEO of Redfin. Topics include home ownership, taking a company public, and twin telepathy.... [ View ]

U.S. Growth Slows To 2.6 Percent Pace In The Fourth Quarter - The U.S. economy expanded at a decent pace in the final months of 2017. But most economists had been expecting stronger growth. This dashed hopes for three straight quarters of growth above 3 percent.... [ View ]

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