TGR 03.19.19. And The Fi, Gralien Report Daily News for March 21, 2019 and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2019-03-23 on Tamugaia - TGR 03.19.19. And The Fire Came Down, and Gralien Report Daily News for March 21, 2019.
TGR 03.19.19. And The Fire Came Down - ... [ View ]

Gralien Report Daily News for March 21, 2019 - ... [ View ]

Multiple realities can exist at the same time - A mind-boggling quantum physics experiment has seemingly confirmed the existence of multiple realities. The research sought to answer a decades-old ph...... [ View ]

Bennu is spewing dust particles in to space - Scientists at NASA have revealed that there is a lot more to this unassuming space rock than meets the eye. Measuring approximately 500 meters in diam...... [ View ]

Liquid metal tech could lead to real-life T-1000 - Scientists have developed a type of liquid metal that can be used to create robots that stretch and change shape. The material, which was created by r...... [ View ]

Self-Replicating Alien Predator Probes May Be Cannibalizing Themselves - Students of computer history know mathematician John von Neumann was key in the development of early digital computers and algorithms. Students of atomic history know von Neumann was involved with the Manh... [ View ]

The US Air Force is Teaching ‘Skyborg’ AI Systems to Fly Its Aircraft - Remember in those literally dozens of science fiction stories where AI turned against its human creators after being armed with the most cutting edge weapons humanity possesses? Even Frankenstein, one of t... [ View ]

A Terrifying Encounter With a Chupacabra - There comes a time in the life of every investigator of the paranormal when a case just gels. From the credibility of the witness to the importance of the story, everything combines together and in the bes... [ View ]

Report Reveals Bizarre Animal Tests Were Being Carried Out by U.S. Government Lab - A disturbing new report indicates a U.S. Government agency’s involvement in a bizarre array of tests, which were conducted on cats and dogs purchased from what the story calls “Asian meat marke... [ View ]

21.11 – MU Podcast - On this episode we travel into the deepest corners of the Puerto Rican jungle in search of the famed Chupacabra. What could this creature really be? Is it an escaped lab animal, a product of hysteria or co... [ View ]

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