Syria draft law would im, Kerry ends Mideast trip without framework deal and other World news

The world news of 2014-01-07 on Tamugaia - Syria draft law would impose visas on Arabs, and Kerry ends Mideast trip without framework deal.
Syria draft law would impose visas on Arabs - The Syrian authorities have prepared a draft law under which previously exempt Arab nationals will now need a visa to visit the country, a pro-regime newspaper reports.... [ View ]

Kerry ends Mideast trip without framework deal - US Secretary of State John Kerry has headed home from the Middle East insisting progress had been made, despite failing to reach a framework for talks.... [ View ]

Trapped in "polar vortex": Midwest gripped by arctic air - ... [ View ]

Florida State beats Auburn, wins college football crown - ... [ View ]

Senate confirms Janet Yellen as next Fed chair - ... [ View ]

Al Qaeda-backed Sunni militants storm into Iraq cities - ... [ View ]

Can DNA reign supreme in the digital dark age? - Scientists may have found the formula for preserving data, says Roger Highfield... [ View ]

US speeds up drone and missile deliveries to Iraq - The Pentagon said that Washington would accelerate delivery of 100 more Hellfire missiles... [ View ]

Russia launches Sochi clampdown a month before Winter Olympic Games - The feared Federal Security Service (FSB) takes charge of a security clampdown even fiercer than that seen at the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing... [ View ]

UK car sales roar back to pre-crisis levels - business live - ... [ View ]

European commission braces for bitter battle over new chief - ... [ View ]

Google Hangouts faces criticism after outing trans woman - ... [ View ]

How we made the Reliant Robin - ... [ View ]

Coalition accused of incoherent defence and security strategy - ... [ View ]

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