Super Santa Kicker 2, Lost Catacombs and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2011-12-11 on Tamugaia - Super Santa Kicker 2, and Lost Catacombs.
Super Santa Kicker 2 - In the puzzle platform game Super Santa Kicker 2 your goal is to kick Santa through the air collecting the bags of toys. Use as less shots possible to get him into the chimney as well.... [ View ]

Lost Catacombs - In the puzzle game Lost Catacombs you are an archeologist and it is your duty to explore the catacombs seeking for treasure. Clear the puzzle obstacles to get through the entire catacombs.... [ View ]

Uphill Rush 4 - ... [ View ]

iR obot - In the strategy game iR obot your goal is to help the friendly tribe to destroy the ruling enemy. Place defensive towers along the road to attack and destroy incoming waves of enemy units. Earn points to u... [ View ]

Home Sheep Home 2: Lost In London - In the platform adventure game Home Sheep Home 2: Lost In London your duty is to help the 3 sheep reach the exit of each level. Make them work together to exit each level.... [ View ]

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review - Andy Alderson travels deep into the lands of Tamriel to bring you this learned review...... [ View ]

Joe Danger Coming To XBLA Next Week News - December 14th release date nailed down for Joe Danger: Special Edition...... [ View ]

OnLive Comes To Tablet Devices And Smartphones News - New OnLive app for iOS and Android devices pioneers cloud gaming on-the-move...... [ View ]

Miyamoto Says He Might Step Down, Nintendo Denies It News - Legendary Nintendo designer, Shigeru Miyamoto teases game industry with talk of retirement...... [ View ]

Killer Guides is Preparing for the Launch of an Unofficial SWTOR Imperial Agent Guide - An Unofficial strategy guide specializing in the Swtor Imperial Agent. Details of the guide are released in this informative article.... [ View ]

Naughty Dog: The Last Of Us first trailer unveiled - ... [ View ]

Play ‘Bastion’ directly in Google Chrome - ... [ View ]

Review: Saints Row: The Third – embrace the chaos - ... [ View ]

Gametrailers teasing “PS3 Exclusive You Won’t Believe” – The Last Of Us - ... [ View ]

Review - Jurassic Park: The Game (PC) | GUFUyourself.com - GUFUyourself writes - "Jurassic Park: The Game is a full, cinematic game with solid cut-scenes that immerses the player within the game. If you loved the first movie and would like to revisit it, then this... [ View ]

MIG: Serious Sam 3 Review - ... [ View ]

Anno 2070 Review | TTM - Contrary to most games, water is your friend in Anno 2070. Everyone starts on islands and the name of the game is all about the management and resources on these islands. Most islands will only have a fe... [ View ]

Review: Random Heroes [Try Indie] - ... [ View ]

Article: Yars 2011 Awards-Screaming Nerdgasm Award (Articles) - ... [ View ]

News: Just Dance 3 Now Available for Playstation 3 With Move (PS3) - ... [ View ]

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