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The gaming news of 2018-02-25 on Tamugaia - Strikers Edge Review | GameGrin, and Fable Fortune | ThisGenGaming Review.
Strikers Edge Review | GameGrin - Blake Hawthorn from GameGrin writes "Strikers Edge features eight characters each with their own special abilities that you can use in the game. Each character also has a story mode. I used quotes there be... [ View ]

Fable Fortune | ThisGenGaming Review - ThisGenGaming says: "If youre a fan of Collectibe Card Games you owe it to yourself to check this one out at least. Its free, it does a lot of the same things right as Hearthstone and even adds in a few in... [ View ]

Symmetry Review | BacklogCritic - BacklogCritic: "Symmetry looks great and makes some attempt at telling an interesting story, but its ultimately dragged down by tedious gameplay and shallow characters."... [ View ]

All Walls Must Fall leaves Early Access - Neocrisis - All Walls Must Fall - A Tech-Noir Tactics game is coming out of Early Access and releasing on Itch.io and Steam.... [ View ]

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