Strange new material thi, New documentary details the story of Bob Lazar and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2018-12-06 on Tamugaia - Strange new material thickens when stretched, and New documentary details the story of Bob Lazar.
Strange new material thickens when stretched - Scientists have developed a new type of synthetic material with some rather unique stretching properties. The new material represents something of a s...... [ View ]

New documentary details the story of Bob Lazar - The man who allegedly reverse-engineered UFOs is the subject of a new documentary about his time at Area 51. Widely attributed with bringing the secre...... [ View ]

Multiple Reports of White Cigar Shaped UFOs Over Texas - Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Sigmund Freud said that, but he left out a key corollary statement: sometimes that cigar is a UFO. The “cigar shaped” UFO is one of the most iconic and widely... [ View ]

U.S. Military Detects Unknown Russian Satellite in Orbit - As Cold War 2: Satellite Boogaloo continues to heat up above our heads, the world’s superpowers are busy lining up all of their orbital chess pieces for what will surely be a very interesting conflict in... [ View ]

The Mysterious Atlantis of the Sands - The shifting sands of the deserts of the Arabia have long been steeped in myth, magic and, legend, and one of these are the tales of an ancient lost city variously called Ubar, Wabar and Iram of the Pillar... [ View ]

Bob Lazar, Area 51, UFOs and Russians - Here at Mysterious Universe, Robbie Graham has just reviewed the new documentary from Jeremy Corbell, Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers. Robbie says the following of Lazar: “He has always come... [ View ]

Chinese ‘Frankenstein’ Goes Missing After Genetically Modifying Babies - While we all tacitly agree not to think about the many secret Island of Doctor Moreau-style genetic research labs hidden throughout the world creating horrible genetic hybrids and superhumans as we speak,... [ View ]

Gralien Report Daily News for December 4, 2018 - ... [ View ]

TGR 12.03.18. Fingerprints and Phantoms - ... [ View ]

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