Strange Brigade and Rogu, Revisiting Star Wars Battlefront (2015) and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2017-07-21 on Tamugaia - Strange Brigade and Rogue Trooper Redux Leading the Charge for Rebellion Games | COGconnected, and Revisiting Star Wars Battlefront (2015).
Strange Brigade and Rogue Trooper Redux Leading the Charge for Rebellion Games | COGconnected - COGconnected - Two new titles are on the horizon for Rebellion Games: Strange Brigade, a co-op horde shooter, and Rogue Trooper Redux, a graphics remaster of the original.... [ View ]

Revisiting Star Wars Battlefront (2015) - Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "Star Wars Battlefront was always one of my favorite series. With an initial teaser of a reboot that showed a spectacular world it almost seemed too good to be t... [ View ]

Burn It Down set to launch on Steam - K Bros Games, a developer & indie game publisher, announces Burn It Down, an atmospheric side-scrolling puzzle platformer set in a grim mansion full of traps, spikes and pitfalls.... [ View ]

Best Buy Are Charging Customers Who Cancelled Their Destiny 2 Pre Order After Getting The Beta Code - ThisGenGaming says "Best Buy are cracking down on people pre-ordering their Destiny 2 stock for a beta code only to cancel which has outraged many."... [ View ]

Heroines of the First Age Monstergirl RPG Up On Kickstarter - Civilization’s gotta start somewhere. And that’s just what’s happening in the world. Tribes are banding together in the deserts, in the forests, and on the plains. But tribes of what, exa... [ View ]

Xas Irkalla Survival Horror RPG Up On Kickstarter - So, we’re not entirely sure if androids dream of electric sheep. But we can be sure that when a psychic has a nightmare, there can potentially be dire consequences. What sort? Well, how about causing... [ View ]

Happy Games Factory Launches Escape 2nd Edition Kickstarter - Several prominent scientists and businessmen have warned us about the use of AI. Others are like, “what harm could it really do?” Well, if you have an AI that’s isolated from everyone els... [ View ]

Gaslight Victorian Fantasy 3rd Edition Up On Kickstarter - From time to time, a game can use a bit of a makeover. With changing times comes changing tastes in rules and attitudes towards different mechanics. With multiple playthroughs, sometimes a discrepancy is f... [ View ]

SDCC 2017: Doctor Doom solo movie coming from Legion creator Noah Hawley - ... [ View ]

SDCC 2017: Here’s the first official trailer for Call of Duty WW2’s Nazi Zombies - ... [ View ]

SDCC 2017: Watch hilarious Kingsman/Archer crossover video - ... [ View ]

SDCC 2017: The first teaser for Pacific Rim: Uprising is going to make you want to join the fight! - ... [ View ]

Crime Stories: Days of Vengeance - Challenging heroic match-3 game!... [ View ]

Lost Artifacts Collector's Edition - Restore the ancient city and defeat the dark priest!... [ View ]

Bloom! A Bouquet for Everyone - An exciting TM game with a flower theme!... [ View ]

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