Steam-Powered Rocket Man, Could giant lasers shoot down space debris ? and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2018-01-17 on Tamugaia - Steam-Powered Rocket Man Announces New Launch Date and Place, and Could giant lasers shoot down space debris ?.
Steam-Powered Rocket Man Announces New Launch Date and Place - The man who would be king of steam-powered rocketry has announced his next estimated time of departure from Earth (or at least its surface) in a spaceship with a steaming whistle. Mad Mike Hughes, holder o... [ View ]

Could giant lasers shoot down space debris ? - A new study by researchers in China has put forward a novel new way of tackling the problem of space junk. Satellites and spacecraft are already runni...... [ View ]

Ancient Indian Petroglyph Depicts Mysterious Twin Suns in Earth’s Skies - Archaeologists in India believe the might have found the oldest known depiction of celestial objects in a curious example of ancient rock art. The etched stone was found at the Burzahom archaeological site... [ View ]

Woman Marries Ghost of 18th Century Pirate - A common lament heard increasingly often these days is, “There’s just not enough good men around anymore.” While some women (and men) seeking partners have resorted to looking in other countries, oth... [ View ]

Black Eyed Children: Revised And Reviewed - Back in 2012, David Weatherly’s then-much-awaited book, Black Eyed Children was published. So, you may well ask, why am I mentioning this now, six years later? The answer is simple: Just recently, Da... [ View ]

17.02 – MU Plus+ Podcast - After Aaron reports in from a clairvoyant appointment and we discuss their 2018 predictions for MU, we return to David Luke’s entheogenic transformation into a shrub. We are then lead down the thorny... [ View ]

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