Starting a team for onli, Check out mu new game: Hero Pilot 3d and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2018-04-14 on Tamugaia - Starting a team for online TCG in Unreal Engine, and Check out mu new game: Hero Pilot 3d.
Starting a team for online TCG in Unreal Engine - ... [ View ]

Check out mu new game: Hero Pilot 3d - Hi guys,Today we realeased our new game. It is made with Unity 3d. A flight dodge missiles game. Please, check it out and comment. Any criticals are welcome. We just fixed a intermittent bug that in rare o... [ View ]

Open-World Survival Game Project - ... [ View ]

Heroes & Legends - Water/Ice Sugesstions - Well, we have done up the first water and ice textures. At first we were thinking PBR Specular material, but, there is something additional that looks great when water has that metallic feel. If you like... [ View ]

TCP server and client classes, errors. - ... [ View ]

Wyrd Previews Raving Madman For The Other Side - Wyrd brings all sorts of characters to their games. Malifaux‘s got quite a big cast of figures of all types. The Other Side will be no different. In this week’s preview, we take a look at the R... [ View ]

Black Void RPG Up On Kickstarter - I’m a sucker for a unique setting for a game. I think I’ve seen just about everything, and then a game where, in ancient times, humanity was flung from the Earth and out into the dark and uncar... [ View ]

Dragon Heresy Fantasy RPG Up On Kickstarter - Dragon Heresy is a fantasy RPG that uses modified 5th Edition rules to bring you into the Norse legends of old. Glory is yours, if you can grasp it. But with any RPG, getting started can be rough. There... [ View ]

Mantic Posts New Hellboy Preview - Mantic is working on bringing Hellboy and all his BPRD friends to your tabletop. But games don’t just spring up out of nowhere. There’s a lot of work that goes into their design and development... [ View ]

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